January 02, 2014

Check Out the Lenovo IdealTab

When I think about it, the Three Boys and an Old Lady family is a pretty techie family.  We've got gadgets and gizmos and thingsawidgets galore.  A couple of years ago the kids adored their Dell Slime laptop but as they've grown, they've longed for their own gadget versus one they have to share.

It's kinda tough when you think of having to shell out hundreds of bucks for one gift for just one child but thank goodness for grandparents.  Grandma and Pops gifted each of the children with their very own Lenovo IdealTab tablets.  Oh, the places they will go.  

As a mom, my first thought was all the homework assistance they'll be able to conquer and how much our electricity bill will decrease due to the long battery runtime.  Within minutes of opening their gifts, each of them began customizing their tablets with books, apps and games of their choosing.  Mom and Pops were amazed at how quickly each of the kids were online and gaming away.  Of course, Hubby chimed in reminding each of the kids about internet safety and our expectations.

If you're looking for a tablet, there are tons to choose from and honestly I didn't even know Lenovo made tablets.  Funny, considering my work laptop is a Lenovo.  I really didn't know and when my mom showed the gifts to me early in the Fall I wasn't all that impressed.  I mean a tablet is a tablet.  Honey, let me tell you I was wrong.

Check out the fab features of the Lenovo IdealTab:

  • Front facing camera / webcam
  • Dolby sound
  • USB port 
  • WiFi
  • Up to 8 hours charge
  • 7" HD display
  A few years ago I really came to learn and appreciate front facing cameras for things other than selfies.  A friend introduced me to Z4, an app that allows persons who are deaf or hard of hearing to turn their front facing phones into videophones.  Or what about Facetime with fam and friends who live miles away?  To see a tablet with this capability was limited to iPhones and iPads but now there are similar apps available on android tablets like the Lenovo IdealTab.  

However, the best feature is now that each of them have their very own tablet no more setting timers to allow each child equal time on the laptop and no more sharing my pristine-condition phones, tablets, and laptop only to have it returned covered in some unidentifiable, often brightly-colored, sticky substance.

Seriously, this one belongs to my middle son and notice the smears from just a few days after Christmas.  Do I care?  Nope.  It's his.  The smears don't bother him and I figure when it gets blurry enough he'll wipe it clean. Since the kids received their gifts, I've checked out reviews of the Lenovo Idealtab on trusted sites like CNet and PC Mag and found the reviewers rated it as an average tablet with great sound.  I agree with the tech part but gotta admit my Kindle Fire is a tad jealous given the Lenovo IdealTab has a bluetooth keyboard.  Note to Amazon, Kindle Fire users would oh so love a bluetooth keyboard

My kids - they love their Lenovo IdealTab and are having fun watching movies, listening to the fave songs, playing games, reading books, drawing and discovering the ends of the internet while their poor little old laptop is gathering dust on the bookshelf.   

I confess, we did experience an issue with the one of the tablets not turning on but that sometimes happens on my Kindle Fire so a simple push of the Power button and holding the volume button brought the Lenovo IdealTab back to life.  All in all, a great tablet at a very reasonable price.

Price:  $129.99 (purchased from Office Depot in October 2013)

Disclosure:  The views expressed are mine and mine alone.  I received no compensation in exchange for this post but figured somewhere there's someone searching blogs in preparation for a tablet purchase.  Hope this helps.


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