December 06, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

Every now and then something happens to remind me that despite all the bad things going on in the world, there are still good people out there. 

As many of you know early December has wreaked havoc across much of the Southern United States.  Dubbed Cleon and Dion by The Weather Channel, these two storms have brought many cities, including mine, to a standstill and Winter has yet to begin.

Earlier today, I came across a Facebook post that touched my heart so much and just reminded me of the kindness of others we often take for granted.  The post prompted me to log off my computer and give a giant bear hug to my Hubby who I scolded for going out last night as sleet began to cover the streets in our neighborhood.  To put it short, I was wrong.  

We have a neighbor who is a pastor.  He's one of my husband's best friends.  They're kindred spirits of sorts despite their obvious differences.  One, burly and bearded.  The other, fit and clean-shaven.  Their birthdays are just days apart and each shares a love of nature.  One fishing.  The other, hunting.  One a Democrat and the other a Republican.  However, it's their love of God that unites them.  You can always count on them for a word of inspiration and if you ever need them, either of them, they're dependable and reliable.  

One I call, friend.  The other, well I'm proud to call him, Hubby.  He's been the love of my life for over 20 years.  The best man I've ever known.  My best friend.  My soul mate.  So when he said he was going to the church to help out his friend, I freaked out.  The roads were icy and well, I've slid down our hilly road a few times and people were everywhere in an effort to prepare for the impending bad weather.  Yet, he was compelled.  

Yes, he goes there every Thursday to help out with our neighbor's food pantry but this evening was different.  The weather was bad and I needed, no I wanted him here with us.  Yet, he was compelled to go help.

There weren't many visitors to the pantry last night.  The weather was too bad for those who needed it most to travel to the church.  However, the hours dragged on and my beloved husband seemed to be taking a little longer than usual.  When he came home, he shared with me a story of taking a young man home.  A young man who didn't have a car and usually comes to the pantry with his family to carry home the bounty of much needed food.  He gave the young man a ride home.  

My husband also told me of all the food he dropped off to the homes of the elderly neighbors who visit the pantry each week but were unable to make it due to the weather.  I guess that qualifies as a reasonable excuse.  SMILE.

Yet it wasn't until this morning while on Facebook when I read a post that really made me appreciate my hubby's random act of kindness.  

To really understand gravity of his random act of kindness didn't take more than glancing out my living room window to see power lines and shrubs weighted with ice, fallen limbs, streets and car windows covered with glistening ice.  How thoughtful of Doug to offer to assist those in his community.  A random act of kindness.  

I don't know Doug IRL.  We became Facebook friends courtesy of a local TV station's early morning broadcast.  Yet, I was touched by his offer that I felt compelled to share it with you.  It's nice to see people extend themselves just because.  No reward expected.  Just because.

I pray there's someone in your community that seeks the opportunity to help remind others of the goodness of mankind.  If not...BE THAT PERSON and be ye kind one to another.


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