December 30, 2013

Everything in its Place: Smead Products Help You Get More Organized

Looking to become more organized in the upcoming new year?  If so, a trip to is in order.  Whether you're looking to organize family financial files or creating files for your home office, Smead products are sure to be ideal in helping you get more organized.  

We have a five-drawer file cabinet and I use it to keep the Three Boys and an Old Lady household organized.  Hubby and I use one drawer to store all our receipts so we can keep them organized and sorted for our accountant during tax season.  I have a drawer for each of the kids in which I keep up with stuff for school.  The folders can get a bit weighted with all the paper we collect over the year so it's important to have a heavy duty hanging file folder that won't cripple from the all the "important" stuff we save.  Smead folders fit the bill.

Smead is a name I trust.  Smead folders are the same folders used in my dad's office when I was a kid and they're the same folders used in my office.  Quality.  Dependable.  Trusted brand.  

I received Smead FasTab hanging file foldersSuperTab Heavyweight Folders and Easy Grip Expanding Pocket folders for review. I know you're probably thinking hanging folders are just hanging folders right?  WRONG!  Smead has put a new spin on their products and incorporated some fab features.  

Take the FasTab Hanging Folders have built-in tabs.  Somewhere there's a person reading this post right who really appreciates no longer having to slide the teeny weeny slips of perforated paper into those little plastic sleeves using the paper clip.  *SMILE*  

FasTab hanging folders have sturdy tabs that you can either write on or use the enclosed label sheet to print labels using your printer.  Smead FasTab hanging folders come with a larger label print area so your labels will be easier to read.  No more squinting!

I love the SuperTab Heavyweight Folders.  The writing space is nearly 90% larger than other folders and these folders aren't flimsy like some other "heavyweight" folders.  Smead SuperTab Heavyweight folders really are sturdy.

However, the fave product in our home are the Smead Easy Grip Pocket Folders.  These are perfect for securing papers and making sure they stay in place and the ribbed grip area allows for a more secure grip.  You have to see the Smead Easy Grip Pocket Folder and another expandable folder side by side to really appreciate how neat this unique feature is.  When you retrieve other expandable folders you may find the folder slipping between your fingers but that's not the case with the Smead Easy Grip Pocket folder.  You have some texture to grip on to and therefore lessen the chance of dropping your folder.  Oh, and the kids love them because the folders are perfect for carrying homework, toys and stuff...lots of stuff.

Be sure to check out for some fab deals on Smead and other office supplies to help you get organized.

Disclosure: Many thanks to the sponsor for providing this product for review.  Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. The opinions expressed above are mine. Click here for the Disclosure Policy of Three Boys and an Old Lady blog. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I received a product in exchange for this review and post. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.  


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