November 04, 2013

Undaunted: Student Edition Book Review

Christine Caine, the popular author of Undaunted, returns to help teens face the feelings she explored in her 2012 adult book: Unnamed, Unwanted, and Unqualified. In UNDAUNTED: STUDENT EDITION (Zondervan; September 2013; $8.99), due out just in time for the start of the school year, Caine shares valuable advice about how young adults can find courage, meaning, and value in today's world.

Part poignant personal reflection and part manifesto, Caine’s words will inspire readers to find their calling through God and build a life filled with faith and fearlessness.
Just days before her thirty-third birthday, after overcoming years of childhood sexual abuse, Caine learned that she was adopted. In the book, she reveals her dramatic life story and shares that God protected her from feelings of abandonment, fear, and self-doubt. She describes how God guided her on a mission of adventure fueled by faith, helping her to overcome her fears and start the A21 Campaign, an anti-human trafficking organization.

Caine begins each chapter with a personal anecdote that will resonate with teens from all walks of life. She covers universal topics like the disappointment of being cut from a sports team, and more serious issues like finding your identity and the horrors of human trafficking.
The author elegantly weaves Scripture and her own stories, offering insight into how to surmount life’s trials, wrong turns, and painful situations. Most importantly, Caine teaches others how to grow from these experiences by helping others in need.

Each chapter concludes with a Thoughts section, such as Thoughts on Identity and Thoughts on Being Afraid, to help readers look at their own lives through a series of challenging questions. Caine asks, for instance, “Have you, or someone close to you, ever felt completely helpless or hopeless? What led to that place of despair? Where was God?”
Heartbreaking and inspirational, UNDAUNTED: STUDENT EDITION tells the true story of one woman’s journey through life and how she quelled her fear of being “unnamed,” “unwanted” and “unqualified” by trusting God and turning her attention toward rescuing others.

An ideal back-to-school gift of encouragement, or a great addition to a youth group library, UNDAUNTED: STUDENT EDITION offers invaluable wisdom to enrich the mind, body, and soul, and teaches teens to transform negative experiences into amazing adventures.

Our Thoughts:  I decided to share the task of reviewing Undaunted with the twins.  I figured this would be a great read for them as they face the challenges of high school. The three of us thought the discussion questions throughout Caine's book were excellent means of initiating thought-provoking conversation. We also loved how she incorporated scripture throughout the book.  The boys weren't as taken aback by Caine's honest recount of how she overcame so many obstacles throughout her life.  Yet, they reveled in the fact that Caine overcame.  

Overall a great read!!!      

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Watch Christine Caine share the inspiration behind Undaunted


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