November 17, 2013

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2013: Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake

Last year while visiting family in Indianapolis, we visited a Sam's Club and I was introduced to Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake courtesy of sampling event.  Rather than buy the cake then I decided to wait til I returned home to buy it from my local Sam's Club.  Imagine my horror when I found out my local Sam's Club didn't carry Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake.  I went to the Kentucky Woods website and found it...for $40 + shipping.  It was near Christmas and I knew the cake would never arrive unless I paid for overnight shipping which was another $40 and well, $80 for a cake, ummm...nope.

I used the store finder on their website I phoned every store in my state to see if anyone had it in stock.  To my dismay, every single store responded with "No ma'am we're sold out." 

So I didn't get my cake last year. *insert sad face here*

This year while planning our Thanksgiving dinner menu, my mind drifted to that dang cake.  I wanted it.  Sadly, it was like some sort of wicked foodie obsession and I was determined to have it.  So, again I went to their website and used the storefinder to find the cake. 

The first call was a "No".
    The second call was a "Yes.  How many do you want?"


From Millan.Net

I loaded up the car, set my GPS and off I went on a 45-minute drive to pick up two Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cakes.  Yes, 45-minutes.  For a cake.

I knew I had to buy two because we have two weeks til Thanksgiving and trust me my sweet tooth probably wouldn't be able to hold out that long. 

Was it worth it?  UMM YES!!! and better yet I didn't have to pay shipping costs

Each cake comes beautifully packaged in a wooden barrel box and double sealed to keep fresh. Weighing in at over 3 lbs. this cake is a whopper!!!!

Lift the lid and your eyes behold a bounty of walnuts, chocolate drizzle and caramel frosting draping over a brown sugar cake drenched with the essence of Kentucky bourbon. 

Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake would make a great addition to the desserts table at your holiday table or a wonderful hostess gift or better yet, dessert lovers like moi would definitely appreciate being gifted with this delicious beauty.  

Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake is definitely one of my favorites and knowing it's only available in my area during certain times of the year makes it even more special.

For more info:  
    -Click here to visit Kentucky Woods website
    -Like Kentucky Woods on Facebook

I'll be sure to save a slice for you next time you visit.  Just not THIS one.  

Disclosure:  I didn't receive anything in exchange for this post.  This just happens to be one of my favorite things.


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