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Celebrating Fall with a Delicious Caramel Apple Dump Cake

Fall is here and there's nothing that says Fall like holiday baking. Thanks to Werthers and MomSelect I was selected to host a Werther’s Original® Baking Bash MommyParty. I received a party kit containing a dozen packages of Werther's Baking Caramels and some ideas to get our baking party going. I invited a few of my divas over and asked each of them to bring an apron and an appetite.

Since it was near Halloween, and what is Halloween without a caramel apple, we began our Werther’s Original® Baking Bash with caramel apples.  I had a few apples leftover from a recent trip to the farmer's market and this was a great way to share our bounty.
Werther’s Original® Baking Caramels are so much easier to melt than other baking caramels.  Plus they're Werther's so it's full of that buttery sweet taste we've all grown up with.  

I searched the Werther's website before my Werther’s Original® Baking Bash so I could find some out of the ordinary recipes that my guests would enjoy and found a ton of drink recipes including one for a Salted Caramel Latte.  I never realized there were so many drinks you could make at HOME using baking caramels and neither did my guests.  So we sipped and baked and baked and sipped.  One of the divas says she's never going to another fancy schmancy coffee house again.

I wanted my guests to leave with at a couple of recipes that they could easily make at home that would wow their holiday guests.  I finally settled Caramel Apple Cake and Caramel Apple Dump Cake.  The Caramel Apple Cake is a take on my uncle's apple cake recipe.  His apple cake was a longtime favorite of my grandma and one that has become a fall baking tradition in my home.  
The Caramel Apple Dump Cake well, it's my own creation.  It's just a dump cake but the addition of Baking Caramels really make this a truly one of a kind dessert.


  • 1 20 oz. can crushed pineapple

  • 1 20 oz. can apple pie filling

  • 1 bag Werther’s Original® Baking Caramels 

  • 1 box of your fave cake mix

  • 1 or 2 sticks butter/margarine (I use 1 but most dump cake recipes call for 2 sticks)

  • Directions:

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
    2. Dump pineapple into baking dish and spread evenly across bottom of baking dish
    3. Dump apple pie filling on top of pineapple
    4. Sprinkle cake mix evenly over pineapple and apple 
    5. Slice butter into tablespoons pats and place evenly over mixture
    6. Slice caramels over mixture
    7. Bake for 50-55 minutes
    This recipe was so easy and the ooey gooey baking caramels coupled with the buttery apples made for a thrill for the tastebuds.  Baking with Werther’s Original® Baking Caramels is a breeze because they melt much faster than other baking caramels.  
    For more info on Werther’s Original® family of products, visit the Werther's website.  You'll find a ton of recipes and you can even clip a coupon towards your next Werther's purchase.

    Disclosure:  Many thanks to Werther's and MomSelect for the opportunity to host this  Werther’s Original® Baking Bash Mommy Party.  I received a party kit in exchange for this post.


    Kraus House Mom said…
    This recipe sounds so good and so easy I'm going to have to try it. Much easier than making an apple pie.
    Now this recipe is right up my street, doesn't it sound absolutely delicious - I definitely need to give it a try.
    Apple and carmel go hand in had for fall or anytime in my book. This cake sounds delicious and would be a big hit.
    Miss Angie said…
    Now THAT looks amazing! I've never made a dump cake before, but I'm gonna try this one. Thanks for sharing!
    AiringMyLaundry said…
    Oh yum, this looks so tasty! I've always been a fan of caramel. Must make this soon!
    Dump cakes are great because they require so little effort. My Dad is all about caramel so I am sure he'd enjoy trying this.
    Pam said…
    I'm always a fan of a good dump cake recipe. This caramel apple one is perfect for fall.
    Jenn said…
    I love apple cake. I just might make this on Saturday. We have family coming over, and this will be perfect.
    Claudia Krusch said…
    This recipe looks so delicious and easy to make. I will have to pick up the ingredients I need so I can make one for dessert this weekend.
    Cheryl Lang said…
    I love dump cakes and how versatile they are! This sounds amazing.
    Marysa said…
    This looks so good, I never would have thought to do this, but it is so easy! My kids would love this too. Nice to have a little surprise inside the cake :)
    This is what I love about fall! I like all of the fall specific food like this, I know that my kids would love to have this! Thank you so much for the ideas!
    That looks absolutely delicious, another recipe added to my list of fall treats. I'm sure everyone in the family will love it and it is so easy to make too.
    Amanda Simkin said…
    I have never tried to make a dump cake before but it sounds perfect for me because I absolutely HATE baking. Your recipe sounds so delicious I'm literally drooling!

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