August 01, 2013

My Kia, My Mom and the Love of Her Life

I am a Road Warrior! Although I don't mind planes or trains, traveling by car is hands down my favorite way to get away from it all. My kids are also road warriors. Now you'd think with three boys and a little old lady I'd drive some humunga chunga SUV but been there done that and hated it. I just love smaller vehicles and am quick to tell everyone don't let the small frame fool ya, my car has plenty of room. 

My mom on the other hand is not much of a road warrior but she is a master when it comes to style.  You know the car ad that reads "One owner, low miles, garaged..." yep, that's my mom's car. 

A couple of years ago she was in the market for a new vehicle and when she pulled into my driveway with her new Kia I was in awe.  I knew of Kia Sportage, Kia's stylish SUV but had never seen one of their sedans up close.  Two words:  OH WOW!!!

Check out this dashboard. 
Photo via
Voice command navigation, Bluetooth wireless, rear camera display, dual zone temperature controls, push button start, and EcoBoost technology to optimize fuel economy.  All of the features you'd expect in a vehicle priced at double the base price of my mom's Kia.  

Her Kia Forte is my kind of car. Great gas mileage! Affordable, stylish and plenty of leg room.  Los Tres Amigos are quite tall and all three fit comfortably in the backseat or on those days when my mom is babysitting the Littlest One, the car seat tethers gives her confidence our family treasure is safe and secure. 
Oh, the title of this post is "My Kia, My Mom and the Love of Her Life" to this pic.  Notice the front license plate.  Last year on Valentine's Day, my mom's hubby surprised her by leaving a dozen long stem roses in her car.  When she went to her car to leave for lunch, she immediately noticed the roses but didn't notice the front license plate.  Later that evening when she returned home, she thanked her hubby for the roses and he asked if she noticed anything different about her car.  They went outside.  

She opened the car door.  

She walked around the car.

Finally, he directed her to the Kia logo and you guessed it.

Then she saw it and guess what...
She cried tears of joy.

So if you're ever see a Kia with a pink and blue W 2 hearts E license plate, wave, don't honk you'll scare the living daylights out of my mom.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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