June 03, 2013

Allstate: Good Hands for the #GoodLife

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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My home is full of stuff.  Stuff I insure because it has some value to me and my family.  Funny given when we moved from our upstate California home on September 10, 2001, the only stuff we brought was what we loaded into our SUV.  Stuff we thought was valuable enough to bring with us to our new home.  Now we have a house full of stuff.  Every now and then we clear out some stuff that we don't need anymore but it never fails we still have a lot of stuff.  Don't really think much about our stuff until it's broken, lost or misplaced.  

Last week our friends lost all of their stuff.  They moved to Moore, Oklahoma a few years ago when the wife accepted a job transfer.  They sold their home.  Loaded up a truck filled with stuff they valued and headed off to start their new life.  When the Oklahoma struck their home, the children were at school, the wife at work and our dear friend, was at home enjoying a day off.  Our friend rode the storm out sheltered in a bathroom closet.  When the storms ended, he came out only to see his house crumbled all around him and all their stuff...gone.  House.  Cars.  Clothes. Pictures.  Everything.  All their stuff.  Gone.

When hubby and I heard of the storms, we immediately tried to reach our friends to make sure they were safe.  Our calls went unanswered for days.  It wasn't until a family member saw our loved on a national syndicated morning news show that our fears were relieved.  Our loved ones were safe.  Last week, we spoke with our friends and we laughed.  Turns out he lost his phone while riding out the tornado.  A small loss considering the devastation and loss caused by the ravaging tornado.  Yet, amidst the loss of all their stuff, they smiled.  Having lost every single THING they'd work for these past few years...they smiled because when all is said and done, it's not about things.  They were fortunate, the entire family was safe.  Things can be replaced, family cannot.

I love this Allstate Good Life commercial.  In the commerical Allstate reminds us of the perils we face every single day.  Risks are EVERYWHERE.  Trips, slips and falls.  Crashes, smashes and dings and dents.  Things happen, but don't let fear and doubt keep you from enjoying the wonderful gift that is life.  

Have you ever had to start over?  Was it due to a weather-related disaster?  I'd love to hear all about how you started your new path to your new good life.  Leave your comments below.


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