April 18, 2013

SheSpeaks: Wisdom From the Women of the Bible @Booksneeze Book Review

Book Description

It is sometimes difficult for today’s African-American women to remember how important they are to God. The noise of day-to-day tasks and to-dos combined the with the undeniable struggles that face African-American women each day can make it easy to forget that Jesus treated the women of the New Testament with respect and spiritual equality, and how frequently God used women to carry out His purpose.

Through the examples of powerful women in the Bible She Speaks helps African-American women find relevance, purpose, and identity in the Word of God. Each chapter offers a complete list of references to help the reader locate the stories of these inspirational women in the Bible with ease. For anyone looking for a deeper study of women of the Bible and for the African-American woman who sometimes needs reminding how real and relevant her struggles are, She Speaks is the perfect choice.
Features include:
  • Complete list of biblical references
  • Clear explanation of parallels between struggles of modern African-American women and women in the Bible
My Thoughts:

She Speaks is a well presented book.  Each chapter tells the story of the featured woman, shares why her story is important, tells a little about her name, tells a brief history of the woman, tells how we can apply this woman's story to our life and tells us where we can find this woman's story in the Bible.  This would make a wonderful gift for the pastor's wife or a fellow churchgoing woman. 

It is often we get this much insight on women of the Bible.  She Speaks provided stories and history on the women of the Bible in an easy to read and shared information on each woman and their importance. The only turn-off was the subtitle "Wisdom from the Women of the Bible to the Modern Black Woman".  She Speaks sells itself short in this respect as it speaks to ALL women.  Kudos to the authors for putting together a book containing  so many thorough tales of the women of the Bible.  Truly a blessing to read! 

Buy It:
She Speaks:  Wisdom from the Women of the Bible is available wherever Thomas Nelson books are sold.  

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Disclosure:  Many thanks to Booksneeze for the opportunity to review She Speaks:  Wisdom from the Women of the Bible.  I received a complimentary copy of this book for purposes of facilitating this review. 



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