April 15, 2013

Inspiration for National Poetry Month Courtesy of the #DeliciousPairings of Starbucks and Walmart

English was my favorite subject in high school and Creative Writing was one of my faves during college and truth be told I consider myself somewhat of a wordsmith.  I love words...and I love coffee...and I love dessert so when offered the opportunity to express my love of all three to help celebrate the Delicious Pairings launch of Starbucks French Roast and Walmart Turtle Iced Brownies during National Poetry Month this diva was all over it.

My neighborhood has a ton of Walmart stores nearby.  There are a couple of Walmart Neighborhood Markets and lots of Walmart Supercenters and I was all psyched to venture out and be among the first to see the Delicious Pairings display in the bakery section but *sigh* I couldn't find it.  Seriously, I went to 3 Walmart stores and not a single Delicious Pairings display to be found.  Fortunately the staff is always available to help and the bakery manager directed me to the Walmart Brand Turtle Brownies.  

4-perfectly-sized, brownies covered with caramel and walnuts.  Now, what to pair it with?  Well Starbucks French Roast coffee of course.  Now, I'm no Walmart newbie so I knew exactly which aisle to find this delicious coffee blend.
Gone are the days when you have to wait in a line mustering the courage to place your java order hoping you don't flub in front of the crowd of folks...and thank goodness.  I love being able to brew a perfect cup of coffee at home...or at the office...or at church...or well, anywhere.  

Starbucks Dark French Roast comes in whole bean or ground.  Bold.  Intense.  Deep. Rich.  Aromatic.  Starbucks Dark French Roast coffee is all of those things but most of all it's quality coffee and it's *ahem* Starbucks!

Coffee and brownies?  *scratches head*  WhoWouldaThunkIt?  I usually fancy an ice cold glass of milk with my brownies.  I like to tear off a piece and watch it fall to the bottom of my glass and then I give it a quick stir with my finger.  Once my brownie is all gone and I'm down to the last swallow or two of milk, I've got a little treat of chocolate heaven waiting for me at the bottom of my glass.  DELICIOUS!   

Coffee and brownies?  Well, a very delicious pairing indeed.  The sweetness of the Turtle Brownie complemented the bold rich coffee.  The ooey gooey goodness of the soft cake brownie was the perfect way to treat myself to a little alone time. Starbucks Dark French Roast has hints of nuts and a bold sweetness that paired perfectly with the rich, dark chocolate turtle brownie. 
Such sweet deliciousness is truly an inspiration on this National Poetry Month.  Tastes so good, I wrote about it, like to read it, see below.


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