March 16, 2013

Let Your Tastebuds Be Your Passport With A Splash of Licor 43

Cuarenta y tres means 43 and is reference to the 43 ingredients of Licor 43 liquer.  I'm not sure of all 43 ingredients used to make Cuarenta y Tres, but with the subtle hint of vanilla, I'm sure it ranks among the 43.  Velvety smooth with aromatic citrus tones which can be served warm, chilled, frozen or incorporated into some of your favorite desserts like white chocolate mousse and madelines. 

1/2 cup Licor 43
2 cups sweet cream
250 grams white chocolate
340 grams berry
Top with whipped cream. 

There's even a recipe to amp up your Madelines recipe with a hint of Licor 43.  This ain't grandma's rum cake.  This is a very sultry, complex liquer sure to delight your guests.  

I tried it on the rocks and detected so many aromas.  There's definitely vanilla, perhaps a little citrus and some spices, maybe cinnamon.  Licor 43 is so complex, each sip kept me guessing so needless to say, Licor 43 did not disappoint.   I also tried it with pineapple juice and there was definitely a little pina colada in the making.  I'll have to work on that recipe and share.
My pantry is filled with various syrups, extracts and liquers which I use to flavor baked goods and I will definitely have to experiment a little with Licor 43I have a few rum cake recipes and may try switching the rum for a little Licor 43.  I have a few weeks until the next #GNO (Girl's Night Out) is scheduled at my house, so I'll be sure to let you know what the girls say.
In the words of my fellow foodies, if you're only drinking your wine or liquers, you are missing out on a dining experience.  Let your tastebuds be your passport.

Disclosure:  Many thanks to the PR Firm for the opportunity to share this post.  I may have received a sample in exchange for this post.  The views expressed above are mine.


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