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Bedtime for Babies: The Littlest Candle A Hanukkah Story

It's been a while since our last Bedtime for Babies book review but I received a request from a friend asking for a couple of book recommendations.  Then a request from another friend and another friend and then well I decided it maybe, just maybe it was time to revive the Bedtime for Babies spot on the blog.  

Thanks to my friends at Kalaniot Books for the opportunity to share The Littlest Candle:  A Hanukkah Story by Rabbis Kerry and Jesse Olitzky. 
The Littlest Candle is a great read for new readers.  It's an uplifting story of Little Flicker, the littlest candle in the box and how he earns the right to be the shamash thanks to all his good deeds he's done for others.  

The story is sweet but it's the end of the book that I think most will love.  The end of the book shares more about the history of Hanukkah and some Hanukkah traditions.  I struggled about reviewing this book given Hanukkah is a few months away but truth is we could all use a little light right now and Hanukkah is a time of year for families to gather and reflect on sharing our light in this sometimes dark, cold world.

The illustrations are vivid watercolors and showcase the personality of each individual candle in the box.  The typeface could be a little larger against the pages of various shades of brown.  An enlarged typeface would definitely make for easier reading for those of us reading this book at storytime.    

The father/son team of Rabbi Kerry and Rabbi Jesse are not new to storytelling.  Rabbi Kerry has penned several books and although this is Rabbi Jerry's first children's book he spends a lot of time sharing stories with the children in his congregation.

Be sure to check out more books from Rabbis Kerry and Jesse available at Endless Mountain Publishing or pick up a copy of The Littlest Candle:  A Hanukkah Story at your favorite online bookstore.


AiringMyLaundry said…
This sounds like a great book for kids! They can learn more about another religion, which is always a plus.
Ben said…
That looks like a great little book. I love the message and the artwork. Very cool.
How cute! We are Jewish so this would have been adorable like 10 years ago!
Olivia Douglass said…
I need to grab this book, we love to read to our son!! Thank you for sharing this adorable book.
Pam said…
I need to get this for the 4-year-old. We read some Hanukkak books during the holiday season since we have so many Jewish friends.
SimplyTasheena said…
I have to get some of these books for my nieces and nephews.
Gervin Khan said…
I currently looking for a new book to read for my kids and I think this is the best one for me to get for them. I am going to check this out, sounds like a good one.
Sounds like a great book! It's s important to teach kids about other ways of believing and living.
Melissa said…
It can be really hard to find the perfect story but this sounds like you found it. I need to check this out, I have some gifts to buy this year!
Unknown said…
My little niece loves to read. I will have to tell my SIL about this book. -LYNNDEE
Nathalie Porbes said…
These books sounds good for kids. I'll surely share this for them to hear too
This sounds like a really wonderful book! I'll have to check it out for my own kids!
This sounds like a cute book to read to a young child. We loved reading a bedtime story to my kids.
Ana said…
This book sounds like a wonderful read for the kids. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Nyxie said…
Awww this sounds like a lovely story for children.

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