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FirstWords October Book Releases

October has come and gone but I would be remiss not to share some of the inspirational October releases from Faith Words, a division of Hachette Book Group.  I have been swamped with volunteer activities and a new puppy.  As I mentioned a few months ago, our beloved doggy of 13 years passed away over the summer.  After some careful consideration, Hubby and I decided we wanted to have another doggy.  He's keeping us pretty busy and we love it!

October was a rollercoaster of emotions for me.  I attended not one but TWO amazing social media conferences.  Lots of volunteer activities with our church youth. I won a 2nd place ribbon at the State Fair for one of my poems.  Go me!!!  It was my first time participating so not too shabby huh?  I volunteered for the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure and had my annual mammogram.  This was the first time in a long time I didn't walk the race.  It was too emotional for me.  So much so that while I was getting my annual mammogram last week, I broke down in tears thinking of my friend who passed away from breast cancer a little over a year ago.  Then we got our new puppy so back to the happiness overload.  October has been all over the place. 

Reading has always been a respite for me so I was so thankful to FaithWords for sending this wonderful selection of their October releases.  

Refine and Restore by Rachel C. Swanson

Bestselling author and speaker Rachel Swanson teaches readers how to restore their hearts, renew their purposes, and have an authentic relationship with God.

Refine and Restore is a great read for reconnecting to those things which once brought us joy. Swanson connects with readers by reminding us of the joy we once had in our relationships with God. One quote that ministered to me was “I don’t have to be perfect to be accepted by God.” Funny in our quests for the perfect this and the perfect that we sometimes forget we are imperfect and there’s nothing wrong with being imperfectly perfect.

Something Greater

by Paula White-Cain

Pastor Paula White-Cain shares her life’s spiritual journey and encourages readers to believe that no matter their circumstances, God has a higher calling for them.

Born for This

by BeBe Winans

Six-time Grammy Award-winning singer and member of Gospel music’s royal family BeBe Winans shares the candid and close-up journey of pursuing his dreams while holding on to his faith.

Born for This is a good read although sometimes it’s poetic in nature as if Bebe is writing a song of his life or perhaps retelling a musical play. For those who have seen or heard songs from the Born for This Musical which toured a few years ago, Born for This is a welcome read. Winans candidly shares stories of his path to fame from his days on the PTL stage to challenges in his personal life and more. Born for this is an eye-opening, uplifting and honest autobiography of faith, family and perseverance.

Healing the Soul of a Woman Devotional

by Joyce Meyer

Renowned Bible teacher Joyce Meyer draws on her own history of abuse to show women how Christ’s redeeming love heals emotional wounds and brings joy to life with this companion devotional to Healing the Soul of a Woman.

Healing the Soul of a Woman is one of my favorite books of 2018 and I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my review of the accompanying devotional. Meyer is one of my favorite authors, ministers and inspirational speakers. For those unfamiliar with Meyer her story unfortunately is one far too many share. She was molested as a child, cheated on by her husband and spent years feeling inadequate. However, the Word of our Heavenly Father ministered to her and gave her strength to speak up and speak out thereby helping her heal and coach others on their path to healing. Meyer’s stories of growth through forgiveness plays a large role in her ministry.

Healing the Soul of a Woman Devotional is a 90-day devotional. 90 days. Three months. Beginning with familiar chapters from the accompanying book. Each day’s devotion includes a scripture, a reflection and ends with a declaration. A mixture of reflections taken from both the Old and New Testaments and those familiar with the book will love the deeper exploration of some of the key sections.

Take the Day Off by Robert Morris

Pastor Morris outlines the biblical principles for why God created a day of rest, and how rest paves the way for creativity and a stronger connection to God.

Thank you for the reminder Pastor Morris. Rest is so important. We must rest our minds, bodies and our spirits and far too often we get caught up in the day to day that we fail to fully minister to ourselves. Even more than that, there is a commandment which instructs us to honor the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

Take the Day Off is easy to read and a very refreshing read. With the constant busyness of our days, it is so important to take time to rest. Remember, mind, body AND spirit. Your mental health affects your physical body and your spiritual being. Plus, once refreshed you’re sure to find a peace that surpasses all understanding and that is something our Heavenly Father wishes for us always.

All of these fab reads are available at bookstores worldwide and at several online retailers.


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