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Another Great Read for the Kiddos: Awesome Achievers

We are HUGE readers here in the Three Boys and an Old Lady household and always on the lookout for fun books to share.

Thanks to our friends at Running Press Kids for sending us copies of Awesome Achievers in Technology (ISBN: 978-0762463367) and Awesome Achievers in Science (ISBN: 978-0762463381) by Alan Katz and illustrated by Chris Judge. 

We are no strangers to Alan Katz.  His fun, rhythmic text is a favorite!  Check out one of our faves, I'm Still Here in the BathtubSo any opportunity to read and share his books is welcomed.

Over the Summer, Alan released two amazing books Awesome Achievers in Technology and Awesome Achievers in Science.  

Everyone has heard the name Steve Jobs, but what about Nolan Bushnell--Jobs's boss before the invention of Apple, and the founder of the first major video game, Pong? In Awesome Achievers in Technology we see many of the most relevant figures in tech history have remained in the shadows, but not any longer! 
Everyone has heard the names Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, but what about Michael Collins--the third brave Apollo 11 astronaut who didn't get to walk on the moon? Who knew!  Well, your reader will enjoy learning more about more lesser known science contributors in Awesome Achievers in Science. 
We had fun sharing both books with some kids in the afternoon program at our local library.  I think the parents were more stunned than the kids with the back story of some of the lesser known history makers.  We overheard a lot parents say "Who knew" and "Oh wow, I didn't know that".  These are the kind of books that make reading time fun and keep kids excited about learning.  

Each chapter book is easy to read.  The illustrations aren't overwhelming and there is plenty of snark throughout the book. 

About the Author: Alan Katz is the author of many highly acclaimed children’s books, including Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs, Don’t Say That Word! OOPS!, Poems I Wrote When No One Was Looking, and The Day the Mustache Took Over and its sequel, The Day the Mustache Came Back. Alan is also a six-time Emmy-nominated writer who lives with his family in Fairfield County, Connecticut. 

Alan can also be found at or follow him on Twitter @AlanKatzBooks.

Click on the books below to purchase your copy today.

Do you or your kid have any books by Alan Katz in your book collection?


Melissa Chapman said…
THose books look like great reads for kids into science and technology. It looks like it would be fun to read about those unsung heros and people that are not famous.
Sarah Bailey said…
This sounds like such a great read - it is something which can really motivate kids as well when the read about people who have done things themselves.
AiringMyLaundry said…
Oh cool, I bet my kids would enjoy books like this. I might have to pick them up. I'm trying hard to get them to love to read.
Unknown said…
My kids always loved learning about inspirational people and historical figures. This sounds so cool!
Sue Reddel said…
What a terrific book for children. I love that there is so much to learn and for the kids to be inspired.
Ruth I said…
Oh fab! I am pretty sure my niece would love this kind of book. She loves to read!
Tammy said…
Those books look so great for little ones. Thanks for sharing
SimplyTasheena said…
These sound like some really amazing books. We currently don't own any Alan Katz books. However, we would love to add them to our collection.
Lisa Favre said…
I absolutely adore these kind of educational books for the kiddos. My little one is still very little but I still read various books aloud to him.
Terri Steffes said…
Love these book recommendations. It's really important for me to expose the kids to as much books that they can enjoy reading as they grow up.

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