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6 Ways to Fight the Flu

A couple of schools in our local area recently closed due to concerns over a possible flu outbreak.  Although my family has avoided the flu so far, we aren't letting our guards.As temperatures drop, the spread of cold and flu germs rises. Start the year off healthy and be sure to rid your home of lingering germs that may be hiding in places you don’t expect.
“I always recommend the flu shot – especially when officials are predicting a harsh flu season like this year – good nutrition and plenty of sleep, but there are other healthy habits we can all develop to help keep ourselves and those around us stay healthy during cold and flu season,” said Dr. Tanya Altmann, pediatrician, best-selling author and founder of Calabasas Pediatrics. “Vaccination is important, but there are other preventative measures that we should all keep in mind.”

These tips from the experts at Clorox can help you prevent the spread of germs:
  • Get Vaccinated. Even though it’s well into cold and flu season, it’s still important to get a flu shot if you haven’t already. Vaccination is the first step in flu prevention. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend a yearly flu virus vaccination – even if the vaccine’s efficacy fluctuates – for almost everyone 6 months and older.
  • Keep Hands Washed: Hands touch so many things throughout the day. It’s important to wash your hands often, including after using the bathroom and before preparing or serving food. Germs can spread by touching your eyes, nose or mouth after coming in contact with a contaminated surface. Those areas are common entry points to the body for germs, so try not to touch your face or eat until you wash your hands.
  • Stay Home if You’re Sick: Even though you may not want to miss work or school, it’s important to stay home to prevent the spread of illnesses to those around you. Even at home, make sure to cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue to prevent the spread of germs to your loved ones. Lastly, try your best to make good use of your time off from work or school to rest, relax, eat well and recover from illnesses.
  • Follow Health Guidelines: It’s important to eat right (fill up with fresh fruit and veggies, vitamin D and probiotics), get some exercise (at least 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity) and get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours per night) to help boost your body’s ability to fight the effects of cold and flu viruses.  
  • Be Aware of Your Environment: Be aware of illnesses going around in your community to take extra precautions to avoid them or to know when to seek medical attention if you do get sick.
  • Disinfect Hard Surfaces: Disinfection is a key step to help prevent the spread of cold and flu germs. The CDC recommends disinfecting frequently touched, hard surfaces, such as doorknobs, refrigerator handles, light switches and faucets, with an EPA-registered disinfectant like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. They help kill 99.9 percent of germs that can live for up to 48 hours on hard, non-porous surfaces.
Learn more about flu prevention at
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How are you and your family minimizing your flu risks? 


Farida JT said…
Having a flu can truly disrupt our work. It can be physically draining too and these tips are super helpful. Thanks!
Angelic Sinova said…
Isn't have the flu the worst? i'm currently getting over the flu and the biggest advice I can give is "Stay Home if You’re Sick!" My mom is a middle school teacher and I caught the flu from her because her students keep coming to school even though they're clearly sick!
My youngest son and I get a flu shot every year. I love to keep disinfecting wipes in the bathroom, they are so convenient for quick cleanups.
Masshole Mommy said…
We've had the stomach bug in our house recently (yuck) and 2 of us have had a cold, but knock on wood - no flu so far. We wash our hands like crazy, so hopefully we keep it away.
AiringMyLaundry said…
Yup, we try to do all of these things. So far, no one has had the flu. We've had colds, but that's about it. *Knocks on wood*
The flu has really taken a toll around our area. Last up to couple of weeks as well. All good ideas on how to prevent getting the flu or what to do if you come down with it.
Fiona said…
I wish people would follow the 'stay at home if you're sick' advice. We were all sick over Christmas after my son caught the flu from pre-school and we couldn't shift it. We're now dying with coughs and runny noses again, argh!
Joanna Brittain said…
We have stayed healthy by taking a daily dose of vitamin c and zinc. We also avoid going anywhere we don't have to.
Alison Rost said…
I definitely agree with all the tips that you shared here. Practicing good hygiene can help you prevent flue. It's also good to get a flu shot for that extra protection.
Sara Welch said…
Very nice and thorough tips. The flu is a nasty bug and staying on top of it is so important.
penny said…
I would also add early diagnosis and Tamiflu are worth the extraordinary effort!
I survived a ^YO traveling for a sport with Type A flu because of it! Stay well all!
Glam Karen said…
I hate flu season, especially since it spreads so quickly! It's really important that you disinfect everything and to wash your hands often. Love the tips that you shared.
These are great ways to fight the flu. I'm in the middle of getting over mine at the moment. Not fun at all lol.
The flu is everywhere it seems. These are all great tips! I hope we can all avoid it this year.
ricci said…
The flu is nasty this year! I am lucky to have not gotten it yet!!
Carol Cassara said…
There's so much that we can do to fight flu. I think it's really important to get shots and also to practice good hygiene! Your tips are perfect!
Mimicutelips said…
I have been trying to avoid the flu like a crazy person. At this very moment my Mom is in the hospital with the flu. She flew back from Cali and there was a sick person on the plane.
sandy n vyjay said…
All pretty sensible and useful suggestions. The one about keeping the hands clean is very important, as most infections occur from here.

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