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Jeepers! It's January Hop

Happy New Year!

What better way to kick off the new year than with a giveaway! I am so excited to join The Mommy Island, The Kids Did It and 90+ other fab blogs in the first big giveaway hop of 2018!

Here’s your chance to start the new year off with a win. One lucky Three Boys and an Old Lady blog reader will receive a $15 Walmart eGift card. $10 may not seem like a lot but it’s enough to stock up on some last minute Christmas clearance gifts. Trust me. I bought a 6’ Christmas tree WITH lights, 2 animal massagers, 3 Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Mystery Bean Dispenser, Christmas cards and wrapping paper less than $20 during an after Christmas Walmart shopping trip.

I was searching for some cough syrup when my friend’s kid spotted the Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Mystery Bean Dispenser on sale for 50 cents. What a steal! The regular price is $10 so to find them on sale for 50 cents was a deal. We cleared the shelves.

A few rows down we spotted some animal neck massagers for $2. The regular price was $9.88. A quick scan at the price checker and into the shopping cart went the giraffe and unicorn for me and my friend picked up the puppy and pig. What a deal huh?
My kid wanted to gift the giraffe neck massager to his girlfriend because she likes giraffes.  It was only $2 so I obliged.

The cards and wrapping paper were a quarter each and as I was filling my cart with several rolls of wrapping paper, I spotted a 6’ artificial tree on sale for $8. I checked the price on the price checker scanner and it scanned for $7.50. I wanted to be doubly sure because this was too good of a deal so I grabbed a store clerk and lo and behold the price was $7.50. What a bargain. The tree itself is normally priced at around $70 and I’m getting it for less than $10. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I raced to the checkout lane like the price was going to change and was so ready to chime in with “No, it’s $7.50” if the price rang up incorrectly, but nope it rang up as it should and I was out the door with a cart full of goodies and a jumpstart on Christmas 2018.

Now I don’t know if you’ll be able to find any deals like I did but a $15 Walmart eGift card will definitely come in handy.

Oh, for my fellow blogging buddies, be sure to check out upcoming giveaway hops hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. I’ve been participating in their blog hops for a couple of years now and they are easy to work with and a great way to connect with some other fab blogs.

For giveaway hop lovers, giveaway hops are a great way to enter some easy entry giveaways and win some fab prizes. You may also connect with some new blogs, get deets on some new products and did I mention win some fab prizes.

Good luck everyone and here’s to a prosperous 2018.

Let’s start with my giveaway and your chance to win a $15 Walmart eGift card.
Jeepers! It's January Giveaway Hop
Now it’s one to the remaining Jeepers! It’s January giveaways! Good luck!


HS said…
I would get baking supply, think flour or nuts.
Jeanna said…
I would stock up on Wax melts if I won!
Janet W. said…
I'm likely to buy some tortilla chips and deli meat with this gift card from Walmart!
Anonymous said…
I'd get some treats for our cats.
Natalie said…
I would use the gift card to buy some snack crackers and soda at Walmart.
molli said…
i would use it to get myself a birthday cake, its the only store around they asell carvel cakes!
What walmart do you shop at? Mine doesn't have that good of deals!!!

I always check the clearance isle at my walmart! And I would probably end up buying something silly from there!
Shelly Peterson said…
I would buy a movie for my son.
Debbie P said…
I would buy some eye makeup I have been needing.
Elizabeth Robinson said…
I would buy some books.
susan1215 said…
I would buy a new pair of reading glasses.
Kristen said…
I'll buy some Yurbuds.
Jackie said…
My 6-year-old grandson asked me to crochet him a Minecraft creeper blanket, so if I win, I will buy yarn to start on it. Thanks for the chance to win!
Fee Roberts said…
I would give it to my daughter, if I won. She loves Wally World.
Anonymous said…
This would go towards the purchase of a new grill for my husband!
kdrae said…
I'd get a Littlest Pet shop something for my daughter for her birthday!
Ann Fantom said…
If I won, I would buy coffee K-cups

abfantom at yahoo dot com
kelly nicholson said…
What is one thing you're likely to buy with the gift card if you win?

i tend to buy pc related stuff with amazon thanks
Unknown said…

I would like to buy a toy for my daughter
LauraJJ said…
I would love to buy a new game for us to play! We have so much fun playing games at night! During these cold winter months, we try to pull out one game to play each night for family fun!
Jackie said…
I'd use it towards a birthday gift for my husband.
JMac272 said…
stock up on some pantry items
Sally Gearhart said…
I would probably get my dog a new collar. It's really worn and old and she's a good girl.
bellagirl07 said…
I would buy pet products if I won this one.
Unknown said…
I would buy t-shirts.
Gina said…
I am in need a a baby shower gift - so something cute for the new little one :)
laurie nykaza said…
I need a new pair of jeans so i would use it for that.
jennifer bowen said…
I f I get this me I think I would get a doll or some make up
I am ready to fix up my house with the new year so paint for my bathrooms with the gift card sounds awesome!
Jamie said…
I need some new socks, so I could buy those. :)
Ashley Chassereau Parks said…
I would put it toward groceries if I were lucky enough to win.
hannah said…
I'd buy body wash and shampoo
Karley Moore said…
I will buy new pajamas for myself. Thanks for the giveaway!
thatmommygirl said…
I would buy crafting supplies.
Mimi N said…
I'll probably buy a package of socks since mine are just about done in.
arress said…
I would buy some laundry tablets.
Jessica said…
I would love to either get an essential oil diffuser or some new knitting needles. Thank you!
clc408 said…
I would probably buy personal care products with the gift card.
Elena said…
I would buy dog food
Calvin F. said…
Would get some frozen tater tots and some eggs
I will probably buy some baking items.
Melissa Shirley said…
I would probably put it towards groceries
Sandy Klocinski said…
I will put it on my balance to use the next time I need or want something
Unknown said…
I need new sneakers so it would go towards that!
Michelle D. said…
Something cute for my daughter
mullin77 said…
I would buy dog and cat food for the no kill animal shelter in Marion Indiana
Cathy Truman
Lisa Williams said…
I would buy a fleece throw for my sister to use at her chemo treatments.
Jeanna Massman said…
I would buy something special for my grandson, maybe an Imaginext toy.
April said…
I would buy some groceries!
Antoinette M said…
I would buy groceries.
pippirose said…
I'd buy some art supplies for my little granddaughter.
Renee said…
I'd buy something practical and boring, like cat food or groceries!
lyndseyluvsjj said…
I would put it towards groceries.
slehan said…
I'll get groceries!
Thanks for the contest.
slehan at juno dot com
I would put it towards toiletries.
I'm going to buy groceries with it, thanks for the chance to win :)
Zoey said…
I would like to get a new makeup brush.
Helen said…
I would probably get some clothes for my little girl. They have cute disney outfits that are reasonably priced.
Edye Nicole said…
I'd get groceries!

Jan Lee said…
I would buy groceries :)
My 12 year old was just allowed to start wearing light makeup but doesn't have much at all. I would use it to buy her a little bit for Valentines Day.
BarbaraRiffe said…
I am saving money up to buy new window treatments for my livingroom.
Unknown said…
I would buy house decors.
Leela said…
I'd buy some clothes for my kids.
Sara said…
Some beauty products
Terra Heck said…
I'd probably use it to purchase hair care product like shampoo and conditioner.
By the way, I'm impressed with your Walmart purchase. Can't beat that with a big stick!
Richard Brandt said…
I would buy some Aquaphor.
Jana Leah B said…
I'll use it for toiletries.
Robin T said…
I would use it for chocolate for Valentines Day.
I would stock up on some paper goods for super bowl Sunday!
jmay said…
I would buy some groceries.
Krista M said…
I would get some treats & Valentine's for my son's classroom Valentine's party!
Yona Williams said…
I think I'd use it to buy healthy food.
brendaelsner said…
I would buy some much needed groceries.
Mary Gardner said…
We start to run low on school supplies about this time of year so I would put it towards some paper, pencils and folders.
Alison said…
I would be likely to buy a new rug for the bathroom.
Sherry Fowler said…
I would buy Valentines for my babies
Kathy P said…
I would probably buy cosmetics
polly said…
I will buy some books for my grandsons
Julieh said…
I would most likely buy some books.
Kayla klontz said…
I would use it to get my son a birthday gift.
jenmalonee said…
I would buy my son a game.

Jennifer Marie
Lisa said…
I would buy cat food.
yellowlabs said…
I would buy groceries with this gift card.
Jennifer H. said…
I would get coffee supplies.
Julie Waldron said…
I would put it towards some Pioneer Woman dishes.
Julie Waldron said…
Savings in Seconds blog sent me here.
John H. said…
I would get a video game.
sherylssg said…
I would use the card to purchase Tracfone minutes.
hmg said…
I would use the gift card to buy some valentines decorations for my classroom.
Buddy Garrett said…
I would buy a pair of warm gloves.
Becky Kinard said…
I would buy a toy for my granddaughter.
AEKZ2 said…
I would buy slime supplies for my daughter
amyd16323 said…
I am likely to buy a pair of jeans for my daughter
Jerry Marquardt said…
I am in great need of a nice new bicycle to get my nephew for his birthday. This prize would help out in doing such.
Unknown said…
I saw the very first Star Wars movie but haven't seen any of the others since then. Maybe it's time I jumped back into the excitement!
Elvis was my mother's all time fave. I should take her for a visit to this place!
Shoshana Sue said…
Memphis sounds exciting. I certainly would like to eat a lot of their spicy fried chicken, like a lot after a visit to the Stax Museum.
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