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5 Fashionable Blues to Rock This Winter

Winter Blues
Temps dipped to a chilly 4° over the weekend. It was so cold I  had to break out the "big coat".   You ever hear that term, "the big coat"?  My great grandma used to call our long coats "the big coat" and once winter's chill hit, it was time to break out the "big coats".

A lot has changed since I was a kid.  Back in the day, the big coats were either black or beige.  Fast forward to today, bold and brightly colored coats and jackets are everywhere which means I can rock a jacket perfectly paired with my colorful boots.

A few weeks ago Macys had their annual sale and I picked up these ZiGiny booties in navy blue and I only paid $20 and I even earned some Swagbucks with my purchase.    
Finding the perfect "big coat" to pair with this boots was easy.  I found this Tom's Ware Womens Trendy Double Breasted Wool Pea Coat on Amazon for under $35.  The color perfectly matches my boots.  

A coat AND boots for under $100?  UNDER $100!!! That means I've got a few bucks to spare on a new hat or some much needed winter gloves.
Which of these fashionable blues would you rock?  Have you had to break out your "big coat" this winter?

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Angelic Sinova said…
I am loving that shade of blue! Blue is definitely one of my go-to winter colors. I really like that Wool pea coat, so cute.
Masshole Mommy said…
Loving your style, mama! Those booties are SO cute and I totally HAVE to get a pair for myself.
Kelly Reci said…
That coat is absolutely stunning! I just love the shade of electric blue you have chosen for this fashion round-up.
Lisa Favre said…
I actually need a pair of gloves and the ones you featured are great because they really add a pop of color to my otherwise neutral palette. Really great choices!
AiringMyLaundry said…
Yes, I've had to break out my big coat several times. And I'm in Texas! It's usually rare to do that, but we've been having a cold winter.
Alli Smith said…
I'm loving all the shades of blue because blue is one of my favorite colors. This winter, I've had to pull out the big coat more times than I can count and we are expecting snow today. Brrrr
joannabri said…
Blue is my second favorite color, but it's my number one favorite color to wear. These are some really great blue pieces.
Unknown said…
Love the color! And those boots are awesome!
Yesenia said…
This is a fantastic look. I absolutely love the blue boots!
Heather Jones said…
I love the blue boots! I'm not so sure about the coat and hat on me, but it someone will sure to rock that style.
Jenn said…
Blue is one of my favorite colors. I just love these boots. I would totaly wear them.
Pam said…
I really like that shade of blue. It's dark enough to not seem out of place in winter, but bright enough to add a pop of color to an outfit.
Amanda said…
I think blue is so flattering on just about everyone so this post is perfect for any time of year. I love those blue boots the most!
Emily said…
I love these shades of blue! I decorate a lot with blue but for some reason the color has not found its way into my clothes, not sure why.
Anosa said…
I love these different types of shades of blue and those boots are gorgeous for sure
Cyn said…
Love that shade of blue! I would love those boots - they are really adorable.
Debra Hawkins said…
I absolutely love that coat! THe color is absolutely perfect! I want to check it out!

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