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Got ONE Hour? Then You've STILL Got Time to Get Holiday Greeting Cards #LoveHallmark

This post is sponsored by Hallmark

I've mailed my Christmas cards already.  Yes, I'm that person who has a list, checks it twice and starts sending cards out the day after Thanksgiving.  

This year as I was scrolling through pics I came across a pic of the kids volunteering with our youth group.  It's rare to snap a pic of ALL the kids in our volunteer youth group.  The kids attend different schools and only get together once every 3 months.  I thought it would be nice to surprise the kids with a holiday card featuring a picture of the group.
I snapped these pics during our volunteer efforts at the local foodbank.  The kids sorted and boxed massive boxes of food which will be distributed to needy senior citizens and  families during the holidays.  Many of our youth have been volunteering since they were in elementary school and continue to serve even as they prepare to enter college.  
With their busy schedules snapping a pic of all of them together is quite a feat.  However, I found the perfect pic and a click to Walmart Photo to design the perfect card.

Walmart Photo is my goto one stop photo shop.  I can upload my favorite pics from my phone or social media and design Hallmark cards of my very own.  Yes, Hallmark!

Come on admit it, you've flipped the card over to check for that familiar Hallmark logo haven't you?   It's just something about a Hallmark card.

Did you know Hallmark has an exclusive line of digital designs available at Walmart and that you can design, order and pick them up at your local Walmart store in 1 hour?  
Ordering is easy.  
Simply go to the Walmart Photo website 
Select your card design.  I chose this Merry Christmas Snowflake and it's only $7 for 20 cards.   
Click the Create Now button 
Upload your pics from your phone, Facebook, Instagram or other social media
Add and format text to your liking 
Add to cart. Check out and done.
Pick up at your local Walmart in one hour or have shipped to your home.  

I'm heading to Walmart to pick up my cards and then it's off to the post office to spread some Christmas joy.
Have you mailed your holiday cards yet?
Have you ever ordered holiday cards online?


Masshole Mommy said…
I am such a slacker - I never even sent cards this year. Time just got away from me. I love that these can be ready in an HOUR - that is awesome.
Alli Smith said…
I had my cards all ready to send out on December 1st and was so busy I completely forgot. So, my husband got them addressed and sent out. Whew! Walmart is a great place to get cards printed.
Seems like my christmas card list gets smaller and smaller every year. Not receiving as many either. Remembering how easy this is to do for next year would be a big plus for me. Seems simple enough to make your cards.
AiringMyLaundry said…
What a great idea! I'll keep this in mind for next year because yes, I did mail out my Christmas cards. I always try to do that the first week of December before things get too crazy.
Jeannette said…
How did I not know that Walmart did this? It might be a little late to send out Christmas cards now but maybe I can send out a card for New Year's just to be different.
Joanna Brittain said…
Such a great idea! We haven't done holiday cards in several years now. This is a great idea, and I love how quickly they are ready.
Debra Hawkins said…
My husband told me I had to cut back on something this year and I chose Cards. I am STILL so sad about it!
Ann B said…
I did not send any holiday cards this year. I always plan on sending cards and then I forget and run out of time.
Lynn White said…
I love that holiday cards are so personalized these days. I still never send them, but it's such a nice touch!
I did not know that Walmart offered this. This is perfect for folks who need last minute cards but don't want something ordinary.
Ricci Ellis said…
I haven't sent out Christmas Cards in a long time but I love that Walmart offers this feature! How perfect for the busy person!
I love sending out Christmas cards, we went on vacation so we weren't able to send cards until the second week of December. I love the picture you were able to use with everyone in it!
Anosa Malanga said…
I have not mailed any cards to anyone but given a few face to face, I need to mail the rest like asap
Useful Article. Thanks For Sharing Amazing Article.
Very informative post .. Keep up the good work.
I'm definitely a slacker! I've had so many other things that took priority this year that I didn't get a chance to do them. Next year I will go through this route. Thanks
We have mailed our Christmas cards 3 weeks ago, because most will be going overseas. Hopefully it gets to our family in time for Christmas!
Sarah Honey said…
Wow. One hour! That is awesome. So quick and sounds easy.
David Elliott said…
Honestly I had no clue that Walmart cooperated with Hallmark in that way. It's such a cool way to create your own card in house and get it done in an hour. I am very impressed. I will have to check this out at my local Walmart.

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