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6 Tips to Maintain Your Weight While on Vacation #NSNation #ad #Nutrisystem

Disclosure: I am a Proud #NSNation Blogger and I receive Nutrisystem in exchange for sharing my journey.  The opinions expressed above are 100% mine.

I am going on a cruise soon and I will be off Nutrisystem for about 10 days. *bites nails* 
No worries.
   No worries.
I am so not looking forward to being surrounded by all my favorite foods.  Chocolate, chocolate fountains, chocolate cheesecake, New York style cheesecake, turtle cheesecake...
I have been following the plan to a "t" and managed to lose a whopping 3 lbs. this week.  *tosses confetti*  However, I really do have a fondness for cheesecake and I confess I will probably indulge in a smidgen of a slice.

I've been searching for tips on how to maintain my weight and minimize weight gain while on vacation in preparation for my upcoming vacation.  Since I'm on Nutrisystem, I thought I would start there first.  Nutrisystem has some wonderful resources to help keep the NSNation on track.  The Leaf is the central website and the NuMi app makes it even easier to log your meals and keep you on track.

A quick search on The Leaf and I found tons of ways to stay on track while on vacation.  Let's be honest, I barely make it to the gym now and when I do I walk for a few minutes and then it's off to the sauna so it's pretty safe to say "Hitting the Gym" didn't make my list. 

Of course the #1 thing is to avoid excessive eating.  Sounds like common sense but think about it.  While you on vacation you may be more apt to "treat"yourself with food but remember it's okay to treat yourself but try to avoid overeating.  Find other ways to enjoy yourself.

#2 Get Up and Walk  Walking is a fun way to get out and explore.  Of course tour buses and the like may be more convenient but there are things you can only discover on foot.  

#3 Take a Dip I'm looking forward to swimming in the coastal ocean waters and taking a dip in the pool late at night.  

#4  Rent a Bike, a Canoe, a Parasail I love riding my bike.  I recently traded in my 18-speed for an old school coaster bike and talk about a workout.  There are times I miss the gears- going uphill - but it is really exhilarating.  Check out this video of my #ProudMom(my)Moment.  The kids and I were riding bikes and I pulled ahead.  

#5 Join the Fun Most resorts have some sort of itinerary of scheduled activities.  Maybe there's a yoga class, a dance class, or a healthy cooking demonstration.  Get out of your room and join the fun.  You'll learn something new and meet new people.

#6  Drink Up Not alcohol but water.  Make sure you have fresh water and stay hydrated with water.  Truth is, if you're anything like me you probably drink a little more when you're on vacation.  It's ok... it's normal BUT be mindful alcohol packs hidden sugars and calories.  No thanks.  I'm good.

Check out these articles on The Leaf for more tips on maintaining your weight while on vacation.

So how's my weight loss going so far.  Here's a breakdown.
Starting Weight 281
Yep I Was a Whopping 281
Starting Weight 281
lbs. lost Weight
Starting Weight 281
lbs. lost Weight
16-Jan -8 273
23 -2 271
30 -7 264
6-Feb -1 263
13 -1 262
20 -2 260
27 -2 258
6-Mar -1 257
13 -1 256
20 -1 255
27 -1.5 253.5
3-Apr -1 252.5
10 3 255.5
17 1 256.5
24 1 257.5
1-May -2 255.5
8 1 256.5
15 -3 253.5
22 -1.5 252
29 6 258
5-Jun 3 261
12 -2 259
19 -2 257
26 3 260
3-Jul 3.5 263.5
10 -2 261.5
17 -2 259.5
24 -3 256.5
31 -4 252.5
7-Aug -1 251.5
14 -3 248.5
21 4 252.5
28 -2 250.5
4-Sep -2 248

Total Weight Loss to Date:  32.5 lbs.

I have a lot of weight to lose still and there have been several setbacks but I have met my 1st goal and I am excited.  Next stop, 199!  Let's go!


Shalini said…
Very nice post!! Things can go out of control when you are on vacation. In next vacation definitely going to take part in fun activities of restaurants, and I drink a lot of soft drinks so going to replace it with natural fruit flavored water.
Masshole Mommy said…
I am horrible when I travel. I never plan ahead and always end up picking out. I definitely need to be better about it the next time I go away.
Hands up when I go away everything goes out of the window, these are some awesome tips though for not letting that happen.
AiringMyLaundry said…
You are doing awesome! Congrats on losing more weight. I always try to keep moving when I can. And I also love cheesecake.
We always eat so well while vacationing. Very easy to put on some pounds. This is a great reminder that doesn't have to happen, just have to keep moving.
Julee said…
You're doing great. Keep crushing the ceilings!

These are great tips and practical. I love them. Enjoy your cruise.
Terri Beavers said…
I love your tips and now I just need your commitment, lol. When I travel I want to sample a little bit of everything and I end up overeating. I'll have to try your tips next time.
You're making great progress! I am also a big fan of cheesecake, it's my favorite dessert and I could eat it every day.
Anosa Malanga said…
Congrats on the weight loss so far and I am with you I do indulge a bit more when I am on holiday and loving your tips.
Have fun on your vacation
Lynsey said…
This is great advice, I am currently trying to lose weight but maintenance is just as important, congratulations on your accomplishment!
Lynn White said…
Congratulations on the weight loss. While I'm on vacation, I try to make sure that where we stay has a gym.
Amanda Simkin said…
These are such great tips. I tend to overeat and over drink on vacation and I get frustrated with myself once the trip is over. But then again, everything is so delicious when you are on vacation!
Lisa said…
These are all great tips for staying on track while on vacation. And I think a small slice of cheesecake is deserved.
Dogvills said…
I too, am guilty of indulging in sweets and lots of carbs while on vacation. I keep telling myself, I won't have these anymore when I get home. Sadly, they ended up in my midsection and now I have to work that off! Thanks for sharing your weight loss journey. 32 pounds is a big feat!
On vacation, it's hard to not indulge on the sweets! But I definitely know that you don't want to backtrack the hard work you've done while still enjoying yourself. Drinking plenty of water and walking around has always seemed to help me!
These are all great tips! We went on vacation in August and I ate horribly, yummy restaurant food, big breakfasts... it was wonderful. I was worried I would come home with weight gain, but we were so active on the vacation wit hikes, swimming, river rafting, zipline, and more that I actually lost a few pounds. Vacations are the best time to get up and move!
Jaime Nicole said…
It can be so hard to stick to a diet when you go on vacation. Good luck - I think your plan sounds good - staying active is important.
Sandy N Vyjay said…
Vacation is the time to relax and binge on food! But yes one needs to exercise caution and be careful and choosy about food to ensure that the weighing machine does not start dancing!
Farrah Less. G. said…
Losing weight or at least not gaining while on vacation is a struggle for me. But I notice when you keep yourself active like on the beach you hardly feel that your hungry coz you enjoy swimming which you burned a lot of calories.
Michelle said…
It's so hard to stay on track during vacay. Luckily we love to adventure and walk a ton. I try to eat smaller portions of what I love. Oh and sharing a dessert with everyone helps.

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