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Just My Thoughts - Where Are Ebby and Makayla

* * * UPDATE * * *
Makayla has been found and is safe.  

October 2015, a high school girl went missing.

   I don't know her...
       I don't know her family...
           Nor do I know anyone who knows her...
                 But not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and pray she comes home.

Late last week I received news of another missing teen.  Again, I don't know this child, nor do I know her family but this time was different.  I know people who know some of her family. When I saw her family's Facebook post pleading on Facebook for the safe return of her daughter I cried.  I have been worried sick about these girls and praying for their safe return.  I am sure the girls know their families are searching for them but I wonder if they realize there are others, like me, who await news of their safe return home.
Makayla (L) and Ebby (R) Blonde and Dark Hair
I wonder what would compel these kids to leave home and just disappear.  I wonder what hell they faced that they felt the support of family and friends couldn’t help them overcome.  I wonder why the local news reports that city police say there have been dozens of runaways cases this year and more than half of the cases have been resolved.1  

Ebby and Makayla are among dozens of runaways in my local area?  OMG, why am I just now hearing this?  I always thought there was a massive search launched if a person under 18 was missing for a certain number of hours.  I always envisioned a group of volunteers canvassing neighborhoods looking for the missing.  I always thought a missing child would make headlines until the child was found. 

Ebby is 18 and when she first went missing the news reports read “Missing high school student…” and now the reports read “Missing Little Rock woman…”  Makayla is 14 years old.  She’s a minor.  Let’s find her.  Let’s get her home.  Let’s help her family right whatever she feels is so wrong. 

Makayla and Ebby, someone is thinking of you.

Wherever you are please let us know you are ok. 

If you know where either Makayla or Ebby are, please contact the following:

·         Find Ebby Steppach:  501.404.3041 or 501.371.4656 or email

·         Find Makayla Washington:  Little Rock Police Department at 501.371.4605

1 Fox 16 news, KLRT, Feb. 2 2016


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