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ShiftCon Review and Recap: Another Check off This Blogger’s Bucket List

If you’ve never been to ShiftCon, go.

ShiftCon is a gathering of social media influencers, brands and others who champion for healthier families, sustainability and wellness. The conference offers those who believe in and support healthier communities an opportunity to partner with others who believe in and support healthier communities. The 2019 ShiftCon was held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 3, 4 and 5 and featured several informative workshops, great camaraderie, tasty food and... SWAG! Seriously, nobody swags better than a group of bloggers at a blog conference.

ShiftCon in a nutshell is three days of AWESOME!

Let me break it down:

Thursday featured workshops on branding, affiliate marketing, photography, SEO, YouTube, launching a podcast all geared to educating influencers on ways to grow their blog. Adam Reimer led a session on SEO and monetization and Kate Kordsmeier of Root + Revel lead a workshop on affiliate opportunities. Each month Kate shares income reports on her blog. She breaks it down to income, expenses, revenue streams, views and so much more. Definitely worth checking out and hearing her share firsthand ways to increase our affiliate opportunities was informative and I can’t wait to see those dollars roll in. Cha-ching, cha-ching!

Friday was all about shifting things in our own communities. Educators, community and non-profit organizations were on hand to share tips on lessening our eco footprint. Dr. Christina Fullers and Dr. Na’Taki Osborne Jelks gave an information presentation on Environmental Justice – Sustainable Neighborhoods. The session reminded us of the Flint Water Crisis and the importance of protecting our fresh water supply. Emily DiFrisco of the NGO Plastic Pollution Coalition shared tips on how to move closer to zero waste and plastic free living. One attendee expressed disappointment at realizing her natural clothing items were often shipped in plastic packaging. Now that’s something to think about. 

Attendees discussed ways to encourage others to forego plastic bags and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) when grocery shopping. For example, bring an extra bag so next time you see someone piling on the plastic bags, this give us an opportunity to share how one less plastic bag does a wealth of good. Our country is in eco crisis people. We have got to work together to do better.

Later in the afternoon I attended a session titled “Tasty or Toxic? PFAs Chemicals in Food Packaging”. The session had attendees thinking of all the chemical in our packaged foods – even our “healthy” foods. The packaging is often full of chemicals which affect ALL of us from newborns to the elderly.

The Friday Night RSVP event in partnership with Rebbl Beverage Company featured a happy hour and a showing of a documentary chronicling efforts of Rebbl Beverage Company is combatting human trafficking and climate change. My biggest mistake was not RSVPing to the event. Note to self: Be sure to check your emails for RSVP events.

Saturday began with the 2019 ShiftCon Shifters Awards Ceremony and breakfast. Seeing some of favorite influencers receive recognition for the work they do was so inspiring. Congratulations to each of the nominees and the winners. Each are true champions of change.

Of course the day was filled with informative sessions on ways to better protect our families and our communities. The 11 AM sessions were amazing. The CBD, Hemp and Cannabis session led by Dr. Felicia Dawson, Steve Hoffman and Keisha Reed was standing room only. This is such a hot topic thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and being able to learn and ask questions was a welcomed opportunity for many of the ShiftCon attendees.

Let’s talk about the Saturday luncheon sponsored by the National Bison Association. I’m not much of a bison eater but the bison was so tender and tasty and sliced like butter. Would I try bison again…? I’m thinking yes.

Oh, I guess I should talk about the swag huh? I mean what’s a blog conference without swag. Each attendee received a bag full of swag from ShiftCon sponsors. This is awesome because for starters you get a bag full of goodies but ShiftCon VIP Influencers received not one but TWO bags full of goodies. Plus, during breaks you can roam the expo halls and connect with brands and collect MORE swag. Of course collecting swag is fun but the expo halls present opportunities to meet face to face with brand reps to see if it’s a partnership in the making.

I am a teaholic so I was excited to sample some of my favorite Numi brand products including this box Numi Rainbow Daily Super Shots.  I love these concentrated 2 oz. energy boosters packed full of organic teas, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, matcha and more natural ingredients to give you a healthy energy boost. 

Plus, it's Numi, a company committed to the greater good.  Numi products are Fair Trade Certified and the company supports the communities in which they harvest their teas and spices.  Did you know Numi partners with farmers to build wells to provide clean, safe drinking water to their communities? 

I read a Facebook post from someone who had registered but was unable to attend. She lamented about missing out on the swag. Tomika of Tomika Talks offered to send their bag of swag. I thought that was such a kind gesture, I offered to do the same for another person who commented she had registered but due to work she was unable to attend. Even though she hates she missed this year’s ShiftCon she plans on attending ShiftCon 2020 and we plan to meet up next year for sure.

All in all, ShiftCon is an excellent forum to network with influencers and companies who believe that if we work together we can make shift happen.

After a couple of years in New Orleans and Atlanta, ShiftCon heads back to the West Coast. If you are committed to learning more about ways to help use your voice via social media to promote more sustainable communities, then make plans not to attend ShiftCon on October 8-10, 2020 in Irvine, California. Early Bird VIP Influencer and Influencer/ Blogger passes are on sale until January 2, 2020, Visit to purchase your passes today!


AiringMyLaundry said…
I'd love to go to one of these someday. I can just be so anti-people at times and then I get anxiety. But I'm working up to it!
SimplyTasheena said…
I've always wanted to attend this conference. I have to look into possibly attending next year.
Bonnie G said…
Sounds like a really great time and informative! I have always wanted to go but live too far from any of them to attend.
Brianne said…
What an awesome event that I'm glad you were able to attend. These kinds of conferences are always a lot of fun.
Roch said…
Zero waste and plastic free living are buzzwords nowadays. We need to know more about how to sustain this lifestyle and not just try it once because it's the trend.
Mama Maggie's Kitchen said…
Wow! I wish I could go in one of these! I love communicating and having conversation with my fellow influencers.
Sounds like you had a great experience at ShiftCon. I love when the blogging community comes together in a positive way.
Farrah Less said…
Sounds like a great event to go to I hope they are closer to where I live. its always fun to learn new stuff from other people. I hope you all have a great time!
Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers said…
This sounds like an awesome event. I'd love to be able to go to a blogging conference. I was blessed to go to one earlier in the year and I was able to learn a few new things. I'll have to look into ShiftCon.
Rena said…
I love to go to conferences like this but I haven't been to one in a while. Definitely, need to get back into it.
Kathy said…
That sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I love being able to attend events like this. They can be so much fun and you learn a lot.
I would love to make it to a blogger event like this. It sounds like it was fun and informative time!
Marysa said…
This sounds like an awesome conference! And so much great swag too. It looks like you had a great time - I'd definitely like to get to one some day.
My friend Erika is a blogger and attends their conference every year. She always recommends ShiftCon to others.
Faithfueledmom said…
Shift Con was such an amazing experience. I've been to many blogging conference but none have left and impact lime Shift Con! Cant wait to attend in 2020.
Clipping Path said…

Nice post. I really enjoy reading it. Very instructive, keep on writing.Thanks for sharing.

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