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7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Welcome Baby #2...or 3...or 4...

I read a story about a couple in Michigan who are expecting their 14th child in April.  Get this, their 13 kids are boys...all 13.  The couple has opted to wait and see what baby number 14 is going to be.  Is it boy?  Is it a girl?  What do you get for baby #14.

Reading their story reminded me of when I was pregnant with baby #3 after the twins.  Family and friends weren't exactly sure what to get us since we had a babies and the assumption was we already had everything we needed.  Clothes and onesies always make a great gift for newborns but there are lots of gifts to welcome the new little one.

1. Equipment.  If it's been a while since baby #1 parents will appreciate some new baby gear.  Some make the mistake of using equipment from baby #1 without checking to see if there have been any recalls on the equipment.  Encourage parents to visit the Consumer Protection Safety Commission website to see if there are any recalls on currently owned  strollers, cribs, and other baby equipment so these may be added to the baby registry if needed.  Also, consider a baby carrier if baby #1 is a baby or toddler.  This makes a great gift if purchasing a new stroller isn't in the budget. 

2.  Housecleaning Services.  You'll have plenty of time to do things around the house once baby #2 comes along said no one EVER in the creation of parenting. A certificate for housecleaning makes for a perfect gift to welcome baby #1, 2 or more. It's nice to have those few minutes to do something else besides vacuuming or mopping.  Let someone else do the dirty work for the day.

3. Sibling Gifts.  Gift the older siblings with a big sister or big brother t-shirt to help them celebrate their new sibling.  My mom mastered this idea by purchasing matching outfits for all 4 of our kids. Looks great in that family photo session.  Ooh, family photo - another thoughtful gift idea.   My oldest loves rocking his "I'm the OLDER cuter brother" tee and he's only older by 8 minutes and to this day my youngest rocks his "I'm the younger SMARTER brother" tee.

4.  Memory Book.  Celebrate pregnancy milestones of the next baby with the same excitement as they did with your first by gifting a Memory Book. National Geographic recently released Welcome Little One: A Keepsake Baby Book,152 pages to capture those moments from baby's first year. A memory book is a treasure to last generations.  
5. Diapers AND Wipes.  Diapers always make a great gift. If the parents have more than one little one in diapers they will really appreciate receiving diapers for their newborn. Hubby and I were gifted with a diaper service when the twins were born.  That was great for our 1st pregnancy but when our next baby came along I graciously declined a diaper service and asked for disposable diapers and our family and friends came through.  We had diapers to last for a few months and it really helped.

6. Babysitting.  The gift of a couple of hours to rest is always a great gift.  Offer to come over and watch the kids so new mommy can rest or spend much needed time with Baby #1.  Sometimes it's nice to just have someone to watch the little ones so parents can catch up on some household chores or even just visit and catch up with old friends.

7.  Stuff They Currently Use.  Baby #1 gets showered with lots of gifts and parents get introduced to this product and that product and gradually learn which products they like and don't like. Ask the parents what baby products they're currently using and gift them with more of that brand. If parents use a certain diaper, gift them with more of those.  If parents use a particular baby wash or lotion, gift them with more of those.

To the lucky ones tasked with finding a gift for this happy couple and their baby on the way, maybe they'll find something on our list of thoughtful gifts to welcome baby #14.

We are so happy to partner with National Geographic in the launch of Welcome LIttle One:  A Keepsake Baby Book.  One lucky Three Boys and an Old Lady reader will receive their very own copy of this book sure to be a family treasure. 
Who would you gift this book to?  Do you have a family member or friend expecting a new addition to their family? 
National Geographic Welcome Little One: A Keepsake Baby Book


Emily said…
These are all great and really helpful gift ideas! Babysitting is a great gift, I also know that when we had our second and third babies we got some gift cards to restaurants close by which was amazing! We were in the midst of a toddler and a baby, being able to just go and pick up dinner was great to do! Since we received those I have always brought restaurant gift cards to new parents.
Alli Smith said…
I saw that family that has 13 boys on TV a couple of days ago. I was blown away. These are all great gift ideas. I really like the idea of a gift of housecleaning. And I always give sibling gifts whenever I gift a new baby. Great ideas!
candy said…
Couple of us make freezer meals for two weeks and take into the new mom. Doesn't matter how big the family is or how small. Always welcomed.
AiringMyLaundry said…
I love all of your ideas. I usually buy diapers and wipes for people having babies because I know how expensive and how many you go through! I don't offer to babysit because admittedly, I am NOT a baby person. But diapers I can do!
Jeannette said…
These are all great ideas the one I like the best is a sibling gift! It involves the sibling so they do not feel left out when the baby comes home. What a great idea.
This is great to have on hand for upcoming baby showers in 2018. I love the variety of items now available
Ali Rost said…
These are wonderful gifts for parents especially since it can be a little challenging adjusting to a new baby while also taking care of an older child. I love all the gift suggestions that you mentioned.
Unknown said…
Those are all good options. Babysitting would probably be a great option, since it’s also a gift of leisure time!
joannabri said…
These are great ideas. I really like the idea of having a maid service come and clean.
Unknown said…
My oldest daughter just had a baby and some of the gifts we thought about were definitely diapers and baby bottles. We also thought about bibs and a baby walker.
Pam said…
Diapers and wipes are always a great gift for expectant parents. You can never have too many of them.
Unknown said…
Oh! I like giving a gift of products that the parents already use. I'm sure refills on certain items would be greatly appreciated by many moms and dads!
Heather said…
What great ideas! I don't have any Mamas-to-be to buy for right now, but I'm sure I will soon.
Heather Jones said…
From a mom of two, I couldn't agree more with these things. But wow 14 children! I just had to stop at 2 because they literally take up all my time...with 14 kids, I think I'd just be a walking zombie.
Ruth I said…
I really enjoyed this as my sister is due for baby number two soon! I never know what to get expecting moms, especially after the first one. You don't know what they kept or what they even need!
I love the idea of sibling gifts. That would give them a sense of involvement, as some older siblings fear that they won't be getting the attention they need when a new baby arrives.
Sara Welch said…
I really love these ideas! Things really do change after baby number 1.
Kita Bryant said…
My friend is getting ready for number 2. I will have to share this with her!
Anosa said…
I wonder if baby #14 was a girl but regardless I am sure it happiness all round. I love the gifts you've listed so practical like house cleaning
paulasue said…
I think something unique is a great idea, for a shower gift, such as a baby book or sterling silver rattle etc. Thank you, Paula C

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