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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Looking for holiday gifts for kids? I’ve rounded up great gifts for kids of all ages.
Each year shoppers go crazy for that one “hot” toy.  I admit I have stood in long line a time or two to get my hands on that must have toy on my kids' wish list but when it comes to the battle of must have toys…
Now moi being moi has certain things that I look for when selecting toys for kids.
  • It’s gotta be fun
  • It must be safe
  • It’s gotta be different
  • It's gotta promote imaginative play
Here are our Top 10 Picks for 2017
1.  Barbie ANYTHING.
2.  Hot Wheels or Matchbox ANYTHING
3.  Scooby Doo Mystery Park Game
4.  Paw Patrol
5.  FurReal Roarin’ Ivory the Playful Tiger Pet
6.  Sun Tail Mermaid Tails
7.  Women of NASA Legos
8.  Mayka Toy Block Tape
9.  Hatchimals Surprise
10. Wow Wee Fingerlings Interactive Toys ESPECIALLY the Baby Monkey
Barbie earns a spot on my list every year because we grew up together.  She’s a reminder you can be anything you want to be.  LIke Barbie, kids can be a babysitter, a vet, a dentist, a mommy, a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, she owns a farm, a bakery, and I think she’s even been president.  There are no limits to our dreams.

Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and playsets are always on our Christmas wish list. Older family members have some of their cars from their childhood.  My uncle went from playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars to collecting them.  I remember when my brother was a little kid and he used to line his cars up in perfect order. I mean “parallel park” his cars. He still has a few of his favorite cars from his childhood.  Our car collection has grown so much over the years and I'm proud to say I own my dream car.  Granted it's a miniature, it's still mine and I own it. 

The Scooby Doo Mystery Park Game is a great game for the entire family. It’s for ages 4-up so that means even the preschoolers can get in on the family fun. A great game for the grandparents to play and share their memories of Scooby Doo from back in the day.

Paw Patrol is one of the littlest ones favorites shows. She watches the show daily and I make sure to have her favorite Paw Patrol DVDs on deck whenever she visits. This year Build A Bear has a Paw Patrol Plush - a great gift idea for fans of the Nickelodeon series. The Paw Patrol playsets would also make great gifts for toddlers and preschoolers.

The FurReal craze is still going and this year’s must have toy is the FurReal Roarin’ Ivory the Playful Tiger Pet. An overload of cute.

Bring the magic of a mermaid to your home with Sun Tail Mermaid Tails and Shark Fins. Sun Tail Mermaid Tails would make a great gift. 
Each mermaid tail is made of a polyester spandex blend designed to fit comfortably and snug.
Sun Tail Mermaid Tails offers a variety of mermaid tails, shark fins and even sea monster mermaid tails and monofins.  My niece loves mermaids and loves her Sun Tail Mermaid Tail.  Her mom phoned to tell me she glanced over to see my niece doing her homework and occasionally her mermaid tail would flutter kick.  She loves her mermaid tail and can't wait for the family winter vacation so she can go swimming.  

Legos are another toy that’s always on our list and the limited release of the Women of NASA Lego Set is the must have Lego set of 2017. The set went on sale in early November and quickly sold out only to reappear online at dramatically increased prices. 
Kudos to Amazon for making a few sets available at the original price of $24.99. Hurry though, there is a limit of 1 per person.

Another gift for Lego lovers is the Mayka Toy Block Tape. Take your blocks to a whole ‘nother level with this tape. The tape can be cut and shaped to enhance block play.

Hatchimals were the hard to find toy last year and this year Hatchimals Surprise is the must have Hatchimal. The surprise is it's TWINS!  Woohoo! Oh I wish my twins were little again, I would so get this for them.  

Have you seen the Wow Wee Fingerlings Interactive Toys ESPECIALLY the Baby Monkey.  Priced at $15 in stores but upwards of $50 online, this is another toy topping wish lists everywhere. There are sloths and unicorn Fingerlings but the baby monkey is one of the must have toys for 2017.   

There you have it.  Our top 10 picks for kids... and mermaids too.

What’s on your kid’s Christmas wish list this year?


Alli Smith said…
I've already snagged the Wow Wee Fingerlings Interactive Monkey for my youngest grandson. I need to start wrapping gifts so I can remember what all I've purchased. :)
Joanna Brittain said…
I just started shopping last week, and I grabbed my daughter a couple of Barbie items. She put them on her list this year! It's been a while since she's said the B word for gift ideas.
Franc said…
I prefer to go for educational toys for kids. It helps them be creative, lets them have fun and learn new things.
Lisa said…
Barbie used to always make the list here. And now you just can’t go wrong with LEGO.
Jen Temcio said…
Yes! That mermaid tail is hands down a perfect gift. I am also going to buy the Women of NASA Legos!!
AiringMyLaundry said…
My son just wants video games and stuff for his YouTube videos.

My daughter has LOL Dolls on her list. She'd like the mermaid tail!
Great gift ideas for kids. My kids love Barbie anything and so that would be an easy gift idea for them! Thanks for the suggestions.
This a great list. Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars are a staple. When I buy toys for my children, nephews and nieces, I make sure they will not only have fun with it but also help them learn something through play. I also like toys that would encourage outdoor play.
How awesome is that mermaid tail - I would totally have loved that as a child! I have to admit I never know what to get kids so a helping hand is always welcome.
I love the idea of gifting a mermaid tail! You can also never go wrong gifting a Barbie either, a classic.
Claudia Krusch said…
These Sun Tail Mermaid Tails are sure to be a hit this Christmas. I will have to add one to my Christmas shopping list. My Niece will love it.
Liz Mays said…
These are such good ideas. It's definitely the time to go pick gifts out. Stores aren't too busy right now!
Julee said…
We love this list. We are big fans of the mermaid tail and how awesome are those fingerlings--have you seen Kingsley the sloth! Oh, my gosh, so cute! Great list that is sure to delight any child.
SkinnyOver40 said…
Wow, what a bunch of fun gifts for the kids, my daughter is having a third Christmas with our grandson. He is super excited about Christmas.
Amanda Simkin said…
I totally agree with you that toys must promote imaginative play. That is really what gets them thinking, creating, and exploring. Great toy picks!
Farrah Less G. said…
Definitely toys are always on the kids wishlist. I love bargain shopping for toys its like bringing me down to the memory lane. I love that mermaid tail looks so comfortable and fun to wear.
chubskulit said…
That mermaid tail is so cute! I think my daughter would love that too!
sandy n vyjay said…
Buying gifts for kids always presents some degree of confusion. Your suggestions are gonna help. The mermaid tail looks really cute.
My dad surprised the girls in the family last year with a mermaid tail. It was pretty clever of him! I was proud and he even got my favorite color!

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