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5 Tips to Prevent the Dreaded Summer Slide plus a Nat Geo Books Birthday Gift Essentials Giveaway

Seems like Summer just started but trust me it'll be back to school time really soon. It's easy to forget the importance of Reading, writing and 'rithmetic while on Summer break but it's important that kids engage in meaningful learning opportunities throughout the Summer to prevent Summer Slide.

There are several ways to prevent Summer Slide - that period when kids are out of school and tend to fall behind - and keep your kiddos on the path to learning.

Read EVERY day
  Encourage your child to read every single day. Consider signing up for the local library Summer Reading Program.  Ask your children about the books their reading and read with them. 

Write About It
  In addition to having your child read every day, they also need to practice their writing skills.  Invest in a few postcards or notecards and have kids write others sharing their Summer adventures.  Our kids love sending postcards to their grandparents from our Summer vacay spots.  Not going anywhere this Summer, no problem, have kids write poems or stories, type them out and print their own "How I Spent My Summer" book.

Numbers! Numbers!! Numbers!!! It all Adds Up.
  The youngest one loves telling others he can count to 100 so we are helping him learn to count even higher.  We bought a couple of math practice books at the local dollar store and these are keeping him right on track.  He's also learning to count money. He now knows there are 100 pennies in a dollars, 20 nickels and 4 quarters. 

Cook and Share
  One of our favorite ways to help him increase his math and reading skills has been through cooking.  He loves helping out in the kitchen and using the various measuring cups and reading through the recipes.

House of Cards
 You probably never thought of a deck of playing cards as a learning tool but cards are a great way to keep those math skills up as well as teach shapes, matching and more.  Keep those dexterity skills sharp with a game of Speed and there's nothing like a game of Old Maid or Solitaire to teaching matching. 

If you're looking for some fab reads to keep your kids engaged this Summer check out National Geographic Kids books.  It's National Geographic so you know the pics are awesome and sure to keep kids engaged.

Here are 5 of the latest books perfect for readers ages 7-12 and thanks to NatGeo Kids books you can win the books listed below plus a pack of Nat Geo Kids Note cards.

100 Things to Be When You Grow Up (ages 8-12, $9.99) - No better time to think about all the possibilities the future holds than a birthday! From beekeeper to ice-cream taster, forensic psychologist to Hollywood animal trainer, conservation biologist to Chief Happiness Officer, this book features 100 of the coolest, wackiest and most amazing jobs out there (greeting card maker?? Yes, you can!). 
Cat Tales: True Stories of Kindness and Companionship with Kitties (ages 9+, $12.99) features cats from around the world, each one with an amazing story to tell about their compassion, ingenuity and bravery. “Ask an Expert” sections throughout the book offer insight into understanding the curious world of cat behavior, ways to keep your favorite feline happy both mentally and physically and even the trick to taking great cat photos. And are you curious as to why we love those cute cat videos? Page 57 explains the science behind the obsession.
Ultimate Space Atlas (ages 8-12, $12.99) — Attention Space Lovers! Blast into space to explore our solar system and beyond. This out-of-this-world atlas takes readers through maps of the solar system, the Milky Way, and deep space, giving them a close look at and locations of planets, supernovas, and other universes. Sky maps will help kids spot these objects in the night sky and maps of planets and our solar system give the kind of incredible detail that National Geographic is known for. It's the perfect book for space fans and budding astronauts.
Chomp! (ages 7-10, $12.99) - National Geographic Explorer and snake wrangler Dr. Brady Barr has been bitten by a lot of creatures over the years.
Chomp! highlights an array of awesome creatures with a diversity of chomp styles – from shredders and slicers to grippers and gulpers. Then it shows how tooth type, bite force, jaw shape, and food source all come to together to make each an incredible member of the animal bite force!

Awesome 8 Extreme (ages 8-12, $12.99) — Got a kiddo in mind that always wants to know the who/what/where of the coolest things on the planet? Check out the Top 8 lists in the latest Awesome 8!
This lively book features 50 different topics with dazzling photos, such as the 8 most awesome Monster Fish, Dressed Up Dogs, Supersize Sculptures, Rad Replicas, Coolest Pools, Serious Stadium Snacks, Thrilling Theaters, Dazzling but Deadly, Hair Through History, Volcanoes We Lava, and so much more.

And, not only does Nat Geo have books for giving — they have a new book that is PERFECT for the birthday boy or girl to use to show their gratitude for al the presents they received:  National Geographic Kids Thank You Cards (ages 6-9, $9.99) — Pay it forward with this big book of gratitude, filled with 30 cool pull-out thank you postcards and fun themed content. Adorable animal photos paired with heartfelt and funny captions show how much we have to be grateful for in our wondrous world.
Each card leaves plenty of room for kids to craft their own messages to show friends and family how much they care.

On behalf of National Geographic Children’s Book I am so pleased to offer a Birthday Gift Essentials Giveaway
* * *  G I V E A W A Y * * *
One lucky Three Boys and an Old Lady blog reader will receive the 6 books listed above, assorted gift bags and tissue paper as well as a sheet of postcard stamps to mail the postcards from the Thank You Cards book (ARV $84). (US only please).  
Nat Geo Books Birthday Gift Essentials Giveaway


Janet W. said…
My grandson would really like to have the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs.
Michelle said…
My kids would like the National Geographic Crystals, Rocks, and Minerals Kit!
Pam said…
Our little guy would love the National Geographic Animal Stories book. He is crazy about animals of all types and likes realistic photos and facts rather than drawings or cartoon animals.This book looks great!
Ken Ohl said…
The National Geographic Animal Stories Book love for this to go to my little niece
wen budro said…
My kids would love this item:

I learned that they have a lot more products than I ever realized.
mrsshukra said…
Brain Games looks like a fun book!
Marilyn said…
My granddaughter would love the book... Ultimate Dinopedia.
Cynthia Schmied said…
The grandkids and I would love the geode kit we are always looking at rocks. I'm trying to get them interested in geology.
Pat said…
My grandson would love the Tumbling Robot Kit.
LauraJJ said…
Oh he would also really love their Nat Geo Mega Shark Tooth Science Kit!
Stacey said…
My son would love the National Geographic Kids Beginner's World Atlas!
Jeremy said…
My sons would like Brain games.
I learned that by buying anything form them it helps them since 1888 funds more than 12,000 research,exploration & preservation projects around the world!
skkorman said…

The National Geographic Geode Kit looks like something my niece would love!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net
dlhaley said…
I would like the Brain Games - Kids Game for my grandkids.
Lauren said…
I learned they had family games.
Stella Methvin said…
National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why would be perfect
Chris said…
This might be my niece's Christmas present this year!
Vidya P said…

Nat Geo has some amazing products for kids though if I have to pick one I would say play sand is my fav. The fact that it's reusable, non toxic and always a little wet makes it an ideal play thing in a child's hands. It also enhances creativity, provides hours of fun and keeps them away from gadgets!!
Elicia P said…
I never realized all the items National Geo has. I always associate them with the magazine. So glad their kids market is large. I am going to have to look into more of these things for my older son who loves things like that.
Samantha Martin said…
My Son would love this and my niece who lives with me would to she is so into this right now and it is a hobby I would love for her to keep !!
Sarah Masters said…
National Geographic 300-1200X Microscope
Stephanie Ludwig said…
Great books!

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