December 06, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 6 Bluetooth Speaker that Made Oprah's Favorite Things List

We are rocking around the Christmas tree year again this year!  We are and we streaming all our favorite tunes using our bluetooth speaker.  If you don't have one yet, get one.  These things are awesome.  

You would probably never expect quality sound from such a tiny speaker but don't let the small size fool you these reet petite speakers pump up the volume.  Plus, they're affordably priced and make great stocking stuffers.

I think we paid $15-20 for ours from Best Buy a couple of years ago and we are STILL rocking out to them.  My sister in law has the most adorable bluetooth speaker.  It has a disco ball and syncs to the music being played.  Pretty neat huh?

Well, bluetooth speakers also made the list.  You know, Oprah's Favorite Things List.  My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speakers and we have one just for you, our Three Boys and an Old Lady blog readers.  *tosses confettiI'm sure these haute items will sell out quickly given they made the coveted list so I'm really excited that we have one to giveaway.

Pic courtesy of My Audio Pet
My Audio Pet speakers come in six cute animal styles:  Mouse, Cat, Pup, Pig, Bear and Panda.  Priced at $24.99 this gift won't break the bank and each My Audio Pet has a selfie feature so you can snap pics after rocking out. 
Pic Courtesy of My Audio Pet
Three Boys and an Old Lady blog has an adorable Pandamonium My Audio Pet up for grabs.  

Don't forget to enter our other fab 12 Days of Christmas giveaways:


momo said...

Wow! It's like you read my mind because that is the one that I would have chose for our three year old grandson. Thank-you

Tomi Clark said...

Good luck! Thanks for entering. Be sure to stop by and enter daily Momo!

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