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5 Inexpensive Valentines Day Gift Ideas and a #LoveHallmark Itty Bittys Giveaway

Valentine's Day is just days away.  If you have already ordered the roses and champagne for you and your sweetie or reserved the honeymoon suite for a weekend getaway, save your money we've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts for your Valentine.

1.  Stay Home.  Avoid the swarm of people who celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking their sweeties out to dinner at the fancy-schmancy restaurant and the hard to find parking, the last minute reservations, the impatient diners and overworked-underpaid staff. Avoid all of this and whip up a special dinner for you and your Valentine and dine at home.

2.  Early Delivery. If you decide to order flowers, have them arrive on February 13 instead of Valentine’s Day. Your valentine will appreciate the extra day of flowers and you will be glad when you hear of everyone else’s Valentine’s Day flower debacles. A few years ago, a friend’s hubby ordered flowers for her and they arrived 3 days later. Of course the company credited their credit card for the delay but the damage was done and the company lost a customer.  Oh, and if you're buying flowers SPLURGE and buy from a reputable company.  Click here to check out Business Insider's Tips for Buying Valentine's Day flowers.
3.  Shimmery Things. Thinking of gifting your valentine with jewelry? Consider silver. Silver is inexpensive and compliments pretty much every single outfit. Silver bangles or a shiny, new silver watch make for a shiny new bauble for your valentine.

4. All Red Everything. Nothing like a brand, spanking new red ANYTHING on Valentine’s Day. A couple of years ago, I bought a red cover for my Kindle Fire. I snagged it for under $1. I got so many compliments on that cover I ended up buying another 3 or 4 to share as last minute gifts. Another year, I treated myself to a pair of fire engine red stiletto pumps. Oh, let’s not forget about the year I bought a red hot silk night shirt for moi with matching pajama pants for hubby.

5. Splurge on the PERFECT Card. I get a little sappy when it comes to cards. I’m that chick who peruses the card aisle in search of the “perfect” card. I’m serious about my Valentine’s Day cards. It doesn’t have to be a Hallmark but I can’t lie and say I don’t flip the card over and check for the Hallmark sign. Hallmark has a knack of saying exactly what I’d say.  

What better way to celebrate love than with an Itty Bittys Giveaway!  Not an "itty bitty" giveaway but an Itty Bittys giveaway as in Hallmark Itty Bittys!  

* * * G I V E A W A Y * * *
To celebrate Valentines Day 2016, Hallmark and Three Boys and an Old Lady blog want to brighten some lucky readers day with an Itty Bittys prize pack.
The prize pack contains:
  • A pair of Thing 1 and Thing 2 itty bittys
  • A pack of Valentine’s Day greetings
  • An extra “every day” itty bitty to share a little love with someone special


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