December 28, 2012

Finding God in The Hobbit by Jim Ware Book Review

With a simple hobbit in a simple hobbit-hole, J. R. R. Tolkien opened the window on a whole new world that has captured the imaginations of millions. But The Hobbit—now a major motion picture—is far more than goblin attacks, dragon-hoards, and riddles in the dark. It’s a journey that changes a simple hobbit named Bilbo—and us—along the way.

In Finding God in The Hobbit, Jim Ware, coauthor of the popular Finding God series, unlocks the mysteries of Middle-earth, sharing insightful reflections on scenes and characters from Tolkien’s classic. And as you travel through Middle-earth, you’ll start to discover some ways in which God is still very much at work in our world—and how he has a bigger purpose for you than you can ever imagine.

My ThoughtsI am looking forward to the upcoming release of the latest in The Hobbit movies and was eager to review this book.  I've always felt there were spiritual undertones in the books and delving into Ware's Finding God in the Hobbit further cemented my beliefs.  Ware parallels the biblical with the fictional and does it in such a manner that will have you wishing you had a copy of the books right there to verify for yourself.  His dissects several chapters of the beloved novel with great precision.  Overall a well written, off the beaten path analysis of a classic.
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