September 22, 2012

Yahoo! Women Who Shine Meet Lavada My @YahooShine #WomenWhoShine

"What are YOU waiting for?"  Those are the words that come to mind when I think of my Yahoo! Women Who Shine, Lavada Anderson, Lavada embodies every thing there is about women who shine.  She's a wife, mother, grandmother, hard worker and believes in the power of mind, body and spirit.  Lavada recognized the power of an email long before most and would send a flood of emails on a variety of topics.  Unlike friends who would send funny, snarky or waste of time emails, Lavada shared information.  Yet, it wasn’t until I wrote this blog post that I realized how the information she was sharing was shaping the women she was becoming.

When Lavada returned to school she shared tips on financial aid, scholarships, and other pertinent college information.  Soon, other women in our circle started returning to school.  We started encouraging each other to stay in school and suddenly College Algebra didn't seem as difficult.  We started sharing tips with others in our circles and as time went by I realized while others were busy planning how to do something, Lavada seemed to be doing it.  When folks were talking about starting an exercise program Lavada had already pooled co-workers and friends and started a walking club.  She changed her eating habits, began sharing healthy recipes and began encouraging others to make healthy lifestyle changes.  Little did she know she was the ripple of change some of us needed.

Many of us dream of owning our own business, but Lavada did.  She's not a millionaire by a long shot but she is evidence of the power of faith.  I remember one day she asked me some insight on possible businesses.  She’ll laugh when I tell her I remember the concierge business.  “What a novel idea”, I thought.  I don’t know if she ever went through with that one BUT it wasn’t long before she started selling purses and accessories and My3 Angels Fashions and Accessories was born.  

Her business name pays homage to her adorable granddaughters pictured below. 

I'm sure Lavada doesn't realize how much of an inspiration she is to me and so many others.  She is a testament to the power of hard work and a little faith.  I don't know what lit her fire and made her get up and live this thing called life, but I am thankful for the opportunity to share space on Earth with such a positive, reckoning force.  Lavada truly embraces what it's like to be whole in mind, body and spirit.

Do YOU know a woman who shines?  Share Women Who Shine story and check out more stories of women making a difference. 

Visit for more info on Yahoo! Shine “Women Who Shine”

About Yahoo! Shine “Women Who Shine”
Women Who Shine is Yahoo! Shine’s inaugural women’s recognition program. Nominate your peers, mentors, family and any other women in your community who inspire you and others with their extraordinary achievements.  This program stands apart because the honorees are not the high-profile women or celebs you see in most other “Woman of the Year” or “Most Powerful Women” programs.  It’s women nominating the local heroes in their communities and it is Shine’s readers, not an editorial staff, who decide who wins. 

Disclosure:  I am participating in a Yahoo! Women Who Shine campaign for SocialMoms and may receive compensation for this fabulous woman and am glad to have the opportunity to introduce her to my Three Boys and an Old Lady blog readers.
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